Friday, November 16, 2007

Shennanigans in Plymouth and elsewhere

Plymouth council candidate cries foul:

CV: Jacki Rydzefski Levandoski claimed candidates were campaigning inside the borough building as people were voting, and a candidate’s wife was assisting voters who needed help. Levandoski filed a complaint on Wednesday at the Bureau of Elections offices inside Penn Place. She claimed Councilman Stanley Scibek was inside the borough building as people were voting, and his wife, an authorized poll worker, was assisting voters who needed help at the Plymouth Armory.

In my own local voting place at St. Joe's in Plains our new Coroner John Corcoran popped in while I was voting. I don't know what the rules are about a candidate being in the voting place after he has voted for but it doesn't seem right. Campaign workers, signs, etc. are prohibited within 10 feet of the entrance of a polling place. More than one time I've seen a candidate bring in coffee and donuts for the poll workers over the years.


Anonymous said...

Rules and guidelines are only meant for some people. Sad that some play by the rules and others have their own special set to follow...or break !
Makes it hard for honest people to try to make critical changes to improve their community. It sends a message of "why bother" ...

Anonymous said...

Anything to keep Jacki in the news. Hopefully they will have pics of her in the paper and on the blogs and they will interview her on tv. Anything to check out the best looking politician in north east pa.