Saturday, November 24, 2007

President Kennedy

November 22nd was the 44th anniversary of President Kennedy's murder. I usually discount conspiracy talk but when you look at the Zapruder film it's obvious that the 3rd shot came from the front.

I'm too young remember where I was when he was killed but I remember where I was when I heard that President Reagan was shot. The Hagiography of Kennedy is annoying and Taylor Marsh doubts that he could be elected today because of his physical condition that required a whole bunch of drugs:

Anesthetic procaine, for his Addison’s disease•

Cytomel, for thyroid deficiency•


Metamucil, now there’s a commercial for you•



Trasentine, to control his colitic diarrhea•

Testosterone, to increase his energy and boost his weight after bouts of colitis•

Penicillin, for urinary tract flare ups•

Fluorinef, to increase his salt absorption due to Addison’s•


Tuinal, for insomnia – a side effect of the cortisone•

Antihistamines, for an array of allergies•

Codeine• Steroids… Oh, and Vitamin C and calcium.
J.F.K. also had lots of doctors who gave him his “vigah.”

Posthumous book claims Ford knew of CIA coverup in Kennedy assassination

"This book, actually authored by Gerald Ford, finally proves once and for all that the CIA, our government, did destroy documents and cover-up many facts that day in Dallas."

A tribute by the Human League


Robes said...

David Yonki said...

Gort, I used to think there was a conspiracy but the older I get and the more evidence I see, I'm pretty sure Oswald was a loner. We try to make sense of how an insignificant person like Oswald could murder the most powerful man on earth. We beg for a conspiracy because that's the only thing that makes sense. Nice tribute by the Human League and that list of medications was fascinating. The truth of that matter is that Kennedy did in fact have a PR machine that kept him the picture of health. And ironically, this drove LBJ nuts later because it was the Kennedy forces at the convention in L.A. in 1960 who constantly talked about Johnson's heart attack in 1955. Good job. \

Gort said...

The thing that always bothered me about Oswald is he had to have been watched by the FBI or some other agency. A Marine who defects to the Soviet Union, get's mixed up with pro-Castro groups and even visits the USSR embassy in Mexico City that the CIA knew about.

With that kind of track record today you would be whisked off to Gitmo or somewhere else.

D.B. Echo said...

Gort, I'm not sure how a shot from the front could cause the outward explosion of brain, skull, and skin we see coming from the forehead. In any event, that's some damn precise shooting.

Gort said...

Very precise. I think only a shot from the front would cause that kind of damage. The way I look at it he got hit by 2 shots from behind and 1 from the the front. And let's not forget that a 4th shot missed.

danny said...

I was in Dallas over the summer and got to visit Dealy Plaza and the book depository. I bought a newspaper and magazine that gave evidence of the conspiracy from one of several theorists who were on the grassy knoll selling all sorts of stuff.

I think Oswald was a patsy, and Sam Giancana had a lot to do with it.