Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hackett on the air in PA-10

It gets earlier every year, I don't ever remember a candidate in the spring primary doing a media buy before the calendar flipped.

Not a bad idea because just about nobody in the district know the names of the Republican challengers to Congressman Chris Carney. He should take it further if the cash flow allows and go on TV for a week before Christmas with some positive bio ads to build name recognition. Other than a few hundred of us political junkies who read blogs like this one most people in the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional district have no idea who Chris Hackett or any of the other GOP candidates are. There is probably a good chunk of people in the 10th who don't even know the name of their Congressman.

Here are the 2 radio spots from Chris Hackett via GrassrootsPA. I'm still fumbling with posting audio:

Hackett Respect (mp3)

Hackett Spending (mp3)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

will hackett be running an ad that says that he paid to have vincente Fox come speak to the people at Wilkes and then he protested him to get some press? Check the Wilkes University program- One Source HR was a sponsor of the event and then hackett was quoted in the Times leader protesting the event. If I want a flip flopper i would just for stick with Carney- Signed Paul Jessup

Gort ask that to him in your next interview

Anonymous said...

now isn\'t this nice for republicans. one who sponsors the antithisis of illegal immigraton and then protets him or the rino who gives to hilary and rangel, ??????

Anonymous said...

That's funny. (Actually sad). But Pne Source probably brought him in to thank him for all of the illegals supplied by Mexico. Lots of temps coming from south of the border.
Oh, also, in the Times Leader book of dreams, there was a father the other day who worked "temp" jobs for the past 3 years and his family is in the worst shape ever. Now they need handouts.
Gee, maybe we'll all lose our jobs to temps if Hackett makes it to Congress.

- Bob Kelly -

Anonymous said...

Chris, I know you brought Dave in to your camp for the sole reason of bringing the religious right but don't let him make any importatnt decisions for you. I hope this whole protest thing wasn't his idea. I mean, really, Dave didn't exactly set the world on fire in his own campaign, what can he bring to yours? Everyone who knows him knows how he REALLY is.

Anonymous said...

The candidate has to be his own man and make decisions. don't blame Dave he did pretty well his first time out. hackett is a typical polititician- say one thing and then do another. i would like to see somebody do an investigation into his hiring practices. You just can't say one thing and then do another. People must trust their politicians to say and do things in the same manner. That is the problem with Carney- he says he is conservative and then votes like a liberal. This guy Hackett is no different- pays for Vincente fox to be there and then he protests him. What a freaking joke- best thing to do was to not pay to have him there and then protest him. Paul Jessup

Anonymous said...

I saw this in the editorial section of the times leader. Hackett paid to have the king of illegal immigration (Vincente Fox)brought in to speak at Wilkes and then protested him- Are you kidding- The hypocrisy is unbeleivable- Gort do what the other guy asked and call him and get an answer. how could I possibly support a guy that does this. I want the interview with Swiderski and Meuser.

Anonymous said...

I saw that also- Kind of dumb for this guy hackett to do that with this issue especially. I think on illegal immigration that any candidate must remain consistent with how they stand. paying for Fox to speak and then protesting is not consistent. Wrong issue to be seen as being hypocritical on.

Anonymous said...

Ok fellas, lets think this through. Do you think Hacketts company had any say in who Wilkes University invited when they became one of the many sponsors of the Lecture series.

Seems to me the only option Hackett had was to go protest, because I doubt Wilkes would give the money back.

Former speakers (like Rudy Guiliani and Colin Powell) certainly gave no indication Wilkes would have Fox as the next speaker in the series.

Kelly said...

Anon 2:20,

If Hackett was a sponsor, he could do have done what anyone has done in the free market. He could have demanded his money back or at the very least threaten the university with pulling any future funding.

It reminds me of an old memory. The WWF (now WWE) used to hold television tapings at Wilkes in the mid 90's. Of course the wrestlers would yell, scream, and threaten bodily harm, but then they would all end up out somewhere else to have dinner like civilized people. Maybe Hackett and Fox went out and laughed over a few Yuenglings afterwards. Hackett probably prefers Corona.

Maybe Vince McMahon is an under the table Hackett consultant?

Anonymous said...

anon- you have to be kidding. When my company is asked to sponsor something we are always told what that sponsorship includes and what we are sponsoring. We then can say yes or no. If hackett is such a great sponsor just like Kelly said he could demand that his name not be put on the program. Maybe he would not get his money back but he could have at least not had his name on the program. Then he goes out and protests the event. That means he was calculating the fall out from his company being included in the event and he would try to cover it up by protesting- C'mon nobody would think a Congressional Candidate protesting an event would also be a sponsor. This shows that he knew that people would be upset and question his so called commitment to illegal immigration.

If Hackett is such a bastion of truth then he should have mentioned that he was sponsoring the event to the reporter but no he wanted all the voters to think he was a huge propent of illegal immigration reform.

My question now is what else is he hiding- He owns a temp company (there are alot of illegals who are hired by temp companies)and could that be something else he is hiding. Mabye he protests to much to throw us off the trail. I may be onto something and maybe Gort could help here and do a little investigation. What is the old saying "doth protest too much, Brutus"

What a freaking joke, another politician who says one thing and does another- I think the term is flip flopper- Signed Paul