Saturday, November 03, 2007

Radio Daze

A man goes to a car dealership and is looking over the newest cars. He finds one at the end of the lot, and calls the salesman over...

"This looks like just the car I want, but why is it so expensive?""Well this car has a fancy new radio that responds to your voice. No buttons, no tuning, just say what you what to hear and the radio finds it".

To demonstrate, the salesman says, "Classical", and on comes the symphony. "Football", and a football game comes on. "Country", and Willie Nelson comes on.

The customer is very impressed, buys the car, and as he is pulling out of the lot, another driver swerves in front of him without signaling.The man slams on the brakes, blows the horn, and yells, "STUPID A**HOLE!"

....and Rush Limbaugh comes on the radio.

Plus a music treat

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