Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A guest post

I've been taking a bit of a break the last few days so a reader picks up the slack.

Hey G-man, If you revisit the Presidential race, and Steve Corbett's histrionics, here's my e-mail to Corbett, which you can do with whatever you wish:


I don't know why you've decided that in order to support Sen. Clinton, you feel it's necessary to denigrate people who voted for Sen. Obama.

Let me tell you something. I'm not anything like a"party boss" trying "push someone through." Neither am I a pawn, dutifully doing whatever those aformentioned"party bosses" tell me. Nor do I conform to your latest caricature, as someone who's mentality will only allow them to support someone who can be successfully intimidated and told what to do.

I am a voter. I am a member of the Democratic Party for more than 20 years. I am someone who gives careful consideration to my vote. Every time, for every office in every election.

More recently, I'm the father of a 10-month old son,who makes all important decisions with the face of my son firmly planted in my mind, and his future as my one overriding concern. In particular, when I make a decision about something as important as my vote for the next President of the United States, I do so upon serious reflection on what kind of world and what kind of America I want my son to grow up in.

And it was with my son's image, as he is now, and all the potential that he has to be in future, that I cast my vote for Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. I was not pushing anyone aside. I was not doing what I was told. I was voting for my son's future.

So you can dismiss that, and diminish it, and run it down all you want. And you can deny that's what you're doing, if you like. But the truth is clear.

I pledged long ago, as an Obama supporter, to shift that support to Hillary Clinton if she won the nomination. I would accept the result of the process,even if it wasn't the one I'd been hoping for.But go ahead, please, keep insulting me and my vote and my motivations and my sincerity. You may convince me yet that the best course of action is to insist that it's my candidate or nobody.



I listened to Corbett for about 4 minutes yesterday hoping he would be covering a local topic but when it was just the same old whoring for Hillary BS I switched back to ESPN radio for the rest of my commute. Last week he had a couple of great shows covering reassessment and our esteemed Luzerne County jurists that I enjoyed and hope he gets back to local issues.

NEPAConseravtive was also listening and had some fun with photoshop:

Hillary won Puerto Rico Sunday in a big way with a whopping 16% turnout. Yawn. The island doesn't even have Republican or Democratic party's. Kos asks why does Puerto Rico have more delegates than 27 states. Tomorrow South Dakota and Montana will chose fewer delegates than Puerto Rico but they have electoral votes and Obama is expected to win both.

From KP: the Uncommitted Delegates will have to make a choice this week.

Holdouts ready to choose

It looks like that by the end of the week Barry will have enough delegates to claim the nomination and I think the General Election won't even be close. The election will be a referendum on Bush and the Republican mismanagement of the last 7 years.

If this is not done this week and Hillary wants to go on to the convention a West Wing writer offers a possible scenario:

Four Days in Denver



With all due respect Gort, I believe that this election will be no different from the previous two in that it will again be a squeaker. I will hand it to Obama for his tenacity in responding to the attacks of M'Cain and not allowing himself to be a punching bag (i.e. Kerry, Dukakis) but as the race progresses the far right is going to be throwing the same old mud (muslim schools, crazy seperatist christian ministers) and in order to be competitive Obama is going to have to compromise his promise to be above the fray. Elections are not won with honor/ they are won with a pair of balls (I think Abraham Lincoln said that). Barry, you're about to be given a wonderful gift, don't blow it the way cousin John and Mike did!

Anonymous said...

Water like sewer finds it's own level. Nevertheless it always goes down hill despite what liberals want.