Thursday, June 12, 2008

John McCain said what?

McCain "I will veto every single beer "

Fortunately we have Presidential candidate that doesn't threaten our malted beverage supply.

Tip of the pint to Daily Kos for the image.


rain man said...


Don't put frightening things like that on your blog. I nearly had a heart attack. I felt like John Belushi in Animal House when the bar was being confiscated.

Michelle D said...

I totally sent that around to my IM list and saved it as a favorite on youtube. Good find!

He should have stopped and laughed at himself before continuing his speech. It would have showed us he's more human. But it looks like we have another Bush on our hands.

thehostess said...

Stay out of my bedroom and out of my keg, John McCain!

D.B. Echo said...

And don't you dare try messing with the keg that I keep in my bedroom!

Word verification word: jazyppny
I originally saw that as "Jazz Pony", which is an interesting concept.

NEPAConseravtive said...

Whoa stop the presses McCain is soo old but…just the day before BO said that “no one needs to take their child the ER for a inhalator..em ummmm Both are used for DUI. He didn’t catch is mistatement at the time, now McCain catches his mistatement on the spot and he is “too old”?


NEPAConseravtive said...

I also beleive that McCain loves beer...since his wif is the beer lady. So our beers will be safe with him...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

One senile old bastard and one dumber than shit nigger.