Sunday, November 09, 2008

Carney's big win

The challenger didn't lose the incumbent won. And boy did he ever win. In 2006 Chris Carney topped Don Sherwood by 6 points with approx. 110,000 votes to 98,000.
The incumbent lost that election after his dirty laundry was aired and many people thought it was a fluke expecting the Republicans to take back the seat in 2008. But Congressman Carney had other ideas. He has been a relentless campaigner holding town hall meetings in every part of the district. His part time job as a Lt. Commander (soon to be full Commander) in the US Navel reserve and focus on veterans issues resonated with people I have talked to in the district. He has been a reliable vote for the Administration (urgh) on the Iraq War making it hard for Chris Hackett to run to his right on national security issues. And he brought home the bacon that Hackett derided. With just about every county and municipal government in the district has tapped out on the property tax that barely pays the bills. The only way to build a new fire house or even pave a street is to get a piece of pork. While I agree with Chris Hackett that there should be earmark reform we like our pork, just ask Joe McDade or Don Sherwood.
After being number one on the hit list of the NRCC it wasn't even close.

CARNEY, CHRISTOPHER P. (DEM) 159,072 56.4%
HACKETT, CHRIS (REP) 123,06 43.6%
The thing that really surprised me is that Carney won 12 of the 13 counties that are part of the district. Local Values has a breakdown with percentages but not raw numbers.
My friends Zen and Joe will argue that Hackett's scorched earth campaign against Dan Muesser in the primary was responsible for his defeat but I don't think that is the case. It was just too big of a win.


Zen said...

Actually Gort, I think his nasty campaign against Meuser was just one of the factors in Hackett's crushing defeat. Hackett went out of his way to alienate the most influential conservatives in the area costing him the support he would've needed to win. He ran the same nasty mud slinger campaign against Carney and like I said during the primary, people are tired of that.

I just hope he is proud of his accomplishments. Chiefly, making sure Carney retained his seat, blowing 1.5mil of his own money, and ensuring that many of the areas prominent businesses will no longer even consider doing any biz with his companies. If those were his goals, I must say, JOB WELL DONE, Mr. Hackett.

kar said...

Hackett was the wrong person, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He had absolutely no cross over appeal and he had nothing but disdain for moderate republicans.

Then as if that wasn't enough,he alienated many prominent republican leaders, people who might have helped him overcome his shortcomings.

Remember this we will now have the democrats in total control in Washington, they will have no one to blame if they cannot make positive changes.

Fast forward 2 years and we might have an even better opportunity to re-claim the seat in the 10th, but we need the right candidate.

I have one in mind, but any candidate who can unite the party behind him will still have an advantage over Carney.


vic daring said...

Or maybe Carney is just the right guy for the 10th.

Anonymous said...

Vic- could be- the real question of how long Carney can keep the seat will be how far left Pelosi and the democratic leadership push things. Rahm Emanual worked in the Clinton whitehouse and he saw the devastating effects of going too far left early. Remember Hillary Care and don't ask don't tell. He will keep Obama to the center and in turn try to keep the Dems in the center. Carney is in the center, he is a blue dog Democrat and this group (47 members) could have some real power if they will reach across to moderate Republicans. Carney ran a good race, he is a nice guy and he did a good job of reaching out to people in the district. Smart move. Now as kevin pointed out the big problem for Carney is if the Democrats who control everything will fight with each other and get nothing done. That is the real threat and if this happens look for a strong Republican candidate to run who will challenge Carney. My advice to Carney keep campaigning at least for 2 more cycles and then your seat will be secure. A word on Hackett, he ran a very divisive campaign. He did not reach out to all Republicans. If somebody was supporting Meuser than he looked at them as the enemy and he did not recover after the bitter primary. He is not that smart and he has a very poor personality that comes across as arrogance. People want there Congressman to be a little bit better than them but they do not like arrogant people. Hackett cost himself this election because he could not get over himself. Hackett was not in this to help people but rather to pad his giant ego. That is not what the people of the 10th deserve and they are getting a level headed concerned member with Carney.

Anonymous said...

Correct that Hackett was too involved in himself to care about mending fences! He was asked to run a clead primary and it was rejected as not important! Well the people heard the mud he tossed at Meuser and when tossed at Hackett by the Democrats it stuck and smelled really bad! You reap what you sow!