Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where are Rachel and Keith?

I usually watch Countdown and the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC when I get home from work. Tonight both hosts are MIA.

What's going on?


Anonymous said...

I would imagine that after the long election season they are on vacation.

Zen said...

hopefully, they are unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Zen is obviously a Bill-O the Clown and Hannity fan!

Anonymous said...

i hope they never come back...and i'm a liberal

Gort said...

Be careful Zen. You may become







And a lawyer for the makers of feminine hygiene products is upset that you keep comparing politicians to D-Bags. He contends that you are defaming their products with such comparisons.

Zen said...

I meant no insult to actual douchebags by calling certain pols douchebags. By the way, during the week of 10-05-08. I am told that Mr. Olberdouche did in fact have me on that list. I didn't see the show myself but apparently he took offense to my Obama gives a mean shoeshine pic. I meant to send him a thank you card for the massive number of hits I had on that Sunday but it slipped my mind.

NEPAExpat said...

Olbermann just signed a new deal with MSNBC to keep him there until the end of the next election cycle.


Granted, I think the Ben Affleck send-up on SNL shows that he got his contract on the right time. His impact will be negligible at best unless he starts the inevitable infighting within the Dems after Prop 8 passed. In an ironic twist, Barack Obama cost gay people the right to marry in California.