Friday, November 28, 2008

Luzerne County budget

For the first time time since I have been blogging the Luzerne County Commissioners have proposed a realistic budget. It has a lot of pain that could have been avoided if past administrations didn't inflate revenue projections to avoid a tax increase then scramble the next year to borrow the money they knew they didn't have.

The previous regime of the Bond Brothers, present minority Commissioner Greg Skrepnak and past commissioner Todd Vonderheid (who moved on to the Chamber of Commerce), and people before them presented works of fiction that counted on money from land sales that never happened and more aggressive tax collection, etc. When that didn't work out they floated another bond so now the county is just about tapped out on how much debt it can take on. No new prison or anything else.

Majority Commissioners Maryanne Petrilla and Stephen Urban have come up with a mix of tax increases, fees, borrowing and layoffs to try to bring some sanity back into the process. I hate the layoff and borrowing parts but they are being up front about it instead of waiting until January to drop a bomb.

Now the question is will the row officers and the courts go along with this plan.


Anonymous said...

that is how politics should work Urban a republican wanted not to raise taxes, while Petrilla a democrat was less likely to lay worker's off.

G i know you hate the lay offs, but alot of people do nothing, It all depends who got laid off and what position they did.


i remeber when they hired a bunch of college kids like 50 bucks a day to act as as court interns and were paying them the same rate as sheriff deputies. If they were so importnat they would have the positions year round but they dont they should have rauised the depuities pay a little and kept the rest of the money. I know people say well we should involve more young people but that is bs, we should cutlivate youing people who are willingt o work for the gov't for free. All we are ndoing is cultivating a generation who treats the county as a source of income, I would not be suprised if SaM gUESTO HAD A ROLE LIKE THAT while in school.


Both most likley wanted to avoid more boprrowing but new that a large tax/fee increase and huge budget cuts would not work. They worked togther compomised and have a prudent budget, as a republican i would lay be more liley to cut the budget but they did all 3 somewhat modestly and that is what government should be. making modest changes to improve the situaion instead of thinking a cargo airpot in Hazleton will strike gold

Anonymous said...

I've had it with tax increases. Period. What's left of the republicans can go to hell.

I have 9 new voter registration change forms now from republican to independent and will get more signed in two weeks.

Screw these bastards!

Anonymous said...

Lets see how many managers get cut. the ones that make some very good money for absolutely NOTHING. the phathom jobs...yes, every department has at least one. they make anywhere from 35k to 90k and don't even have to show up. and when they do, they walk around chatting with everyone in the building for a few hours so everyone can see their face, then go for the day. and that's when they show up. i've seen one not come in for at least 4 months. I ask you all--isn't that stealing??? where is the FBI on that one???? the good ole boys...they pilfered this county for years and will still continue to do so without any reprecussions. something should be done already! Enough!

Anonymous said...

Good bye Steve.