Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ann Lokuta feels vindicated

It looks like Lokuta may have some additional grounds to appeal her removal from the bench alleging that Mike Conahan perjured himself at her hearing before the Court of Judicial Discipline. It is well known that Conahan was behind the charges being filed against her.


“I think it’s a sad day for the citizens of Luzerne County, and yet I find a certain vindication in this, because for years I’ve been asking for the (court) budget,” Lokuta said. “I wasn’t the only judge in Luzerne County who tried to make inquiry. Perhaps I’m the only one that bore the greatest consequence, the sacrifice of my judicial career, because I was outward in that attempt. People knew what was going on...Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella were the legal puppet masters over all of the staff in the Luzerne County court system, and if anyone dared to step up and ask them questions, they stepped on them like little ants,” Lokuta said. “I’m living proof of that, but I’m not done yet.”


Anonymous said...

Sorry x-judge annie, there was plenty of damning and consistent evidence about your deplorable conduct throughout your hearing. C&C were only two witnesses and I doubt the supreme court will overturn a 6 to 1 ruling. These two jokers had no financial gain with or without you, therefor, how are you vindicated?


Lokuta is an opportunist; trying to exploit the Ciavarella/Conahan scandal for her own gain. Everyone up here knows the real Annie and she ain't none too pleasant to be around! Basically, she herself along with those other two bozos, was on a power trip in her position. Farewell to all three!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well, now lets see,,,,how is lokuta vindicated???
conahan lied , now a criminal
ciavarella lied, now a criminal
sharkey lied , now a criminal
soon moran will be down, thats 4 witnesses.... 4 MAJOR witnesses..
sprague is a tie into conahan who is a tie into powell {who by the way sprague represents}who is a tie into ciavarella who is a tie into moran big deal , court reporters!!! who by the way wouldnt provide AUDIO that they had to prove lokuta was mean!!! i wonder why....BECAUSE SHE WASNT!!!!
you know as well as i, it wasnt a fair trial and she will get a new one... so all of you conahan and ciavarella cronies, get ready....

Anonymous said...