Saturday, January 24, 2009

YouTube weekend

By request.

I usually stay away from this subject but Dr. David Madeira asked me to post it on Tuesday. I'm a few days late.


I know you like to post music videos with powerful messages.

Here is one that gives us all something to think about on such an historic day .


Scott said...

Thanks for the post, and taking the risk, especially the day after Obama did not. He lifted the ban on federal funding of overseas abortions at the end of a news cycle and just before the weekend.

At least Clinton had the chutzpah to do it on the same day as the Roe v Wade descision, and Bush overturned it on the same day 8 years later.

It is a powerful video..

David Madeira said...

Thanks Gort.

I look forward to the day when we can celebrate equality for all: red and yellow, black and white, born and unborn.

God forgive us for not only not protecting our own innocent, but exporting death at taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a good way to solve the problem would be to offer a million dollar benefit for the rearing of each child saved from the atrocity of abortion. Of course, all the pro-lifer neo-cons would be up in arms as it is only their aim to make sure the baby is born. They could care less about the welfare and "life" of the baby once its out of the womb. Of course, they call themselves "govt. off of our backs" people, but they have betrayed their very creed by wishing government to exist in all aspects of our private lives. With all due respect to you Gort; sir, you have many time professed to me that you are a liberal. I had no idea that you were of the pro-life crowd. If in fact, you are not, then why do you use your site to profess the views of the far right?? If in fact, in short, you are pro choice, then you need (respectfully) to grow a pair and stick to your ideals. The far right has many avenues to promote this BS, and the fact that you are allowing them to promote it on your site is shameful (again, provided you are pro-choice).

David Madeira said...

Gort "chooses" to allow people w points of view opposed to his to express themselves all the time - he is tolerant of people who are different. Why excoriate him for his choice? Please try to be more open to the possibility that others might not be just like you and still be OK.

As for pro-lifers not caring about the born, the evidence is not in your favor either on a empirical general charity level (see "Who Really Cares" by A. Brooks) or on the anicdotal level.

While there may be pro-abortion charities dedicated to providing food, clothing , shelter, job training and relational/ emotional support to expectant mothers forced to consider abortion because they were abandoned/ pressured by the"pro-choice " father of their child or other difficult life circumstances, I am not aware of them. I am aware of many run by pro-lifers.

David Madeira said...

Sorry, "anecdotal". Tough to review spelling on these little handheld screens