Friday, January 23, 2009

Lots of would be Judges

We have at least 3 spots open on the Luzerne County County Court of Common Pleas and plenty of applicants.

Those who confirmed they will seek election are:

Richard Hughes, 47, of Mountain Top;

Thomas O’Connor, 57, of Kingston;

Joseph Sklarosky Jr., 39, of Mountain Top

Eugene Sperazza, 54, of Mountain Top.

Attorneys who said they are considering running are:

William Amesbury, 61, of Wilkes-Barre;

C.J. Bufalino III, 48, of Dallas;

Mark Bufalino, 38, of Trucksville;

Conrad Falvello, 59, of Sugarloaf Township;

Lesa Gelb, of Laflin;

Tom Marsilio, 60, of Mountain Top;

Molly Hanlon-Mirabito, 46, of Forty Fort;

Luzerne County Judge Joseph Musto, 64, of Duryea;

Joseph J. Terrana, 46, of Yatesville;

Joseph Saporito, 48, of Jenkins Township,

Ferris Webby, 54 of Slocum Township.



Did not Musto promise that he would not run for retention as a stipulation of his appointment??

Anonymous said...

Musto is not going to run for retention for the seat he was appointed for. He is going to run for one of the other open seats.

Anonymous said...

How can he be sure what seat he wins? Wow! A judge who can't follow his own rules, I've seen this movie before. God help us, all we need is another Musto feeding on the public trough.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "choose your Bufalinos wisely" is ideal, one has some issues.......