Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pennsylvania Super Bowl

The Birds win and the Stillers go on to the next round. One more game for each and we get the Super Bowl of our dreams.

Oh ye of little faith and bandwagon hoppers.


Chris said...

hoot hoot

NEPAExpat said...

I am about to say something almost sacrilegious in terms of local football. For the sake of the area, it's actually more important that the Cardinals win next week.

If the Cardinals win next week, writers will be scrambling left and right for material in the two-week buildup. Fact is, with a Cardinal win, a historical travesty can be settled once and for all. Some may say the cradle of football is Chicago, Canton, or South Bend. For all intensive purposes, the NFL would not have survived in the days of its infancy if it weren’t for Pottsville.

You see, the game played against All-Stars from Notre Dame is listed as one of the seminal moments in the viability of professional football as what is the last purely American game. Before that game, men simply played out their college careers in the spotlight before joining the workforce. Professional football was merely a game for hoodlums and those without real talent.

That championship in 1925 was stolen by way of territorial rights that had yet to be codified and given to ironically, the Arizona by way of St. Louis by way of Chicago Cardinals.

If Philadelphia wins, we will likely see the first Keystone Bowl, but where does that leave us, except for divided loyalties. If Arizona (and hopefully Pittsburgh) wins, we have the opportunity to claim the area’s rightful legacy.

People remember Montana, Lambert, Lombardi, and Unitas. Maybe Pottsville should be spoken in that same breath.

Philadelphia can wait…

Michelle D said...

This almost happened a few years ago and the Eagles screwed it up.

This year, I predict the same.

Jimmy said...

Go PA! Vote who would win in an all PA Superbowl at

JACQ said...

Go Steelers!