Thursday, January 15, 2009

Luzerne County update-quick hits

Home Rule is looking more likely with all 3 Commissioners voting to put it on the May ballot.

The Wyoming Valley Levee maintenance fee has opposition from every town that will have to pay it.

The guy that owns the Huber Breaker wants $7 million for it and the Commissioners said no thanks but they left the door open to buying it later. I don't think the county is in the position to buy a White Elephant and hopefully this idea will die.

The Salary Board will meet!

General Hospital is laying people off.

And Blue Cross will keep spending our premiums on other things than health insurance.

Back to puppy training and snow shoveling.


Coal Region Voice said...

Isn't a certain state senator on the the Blue Board???

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. Not sure. I would like to know as that would be a serious conflict of interest to any person making any employment claim against BC. An easy swept under the rug situation.

It seesm like every year about this time BC makes some silly announcements.

Very unprofessional comment too by the CEO. Put the booze down DC.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see them fall from grace