Saturday, October 31, 2009

Petrilla rakes in the bucks

Luzerne County Democratic Commissioner Chair Maryanne Petrilla has raised $54,000 this year and has $78,000 cash on hand according to her latest campaign finance report. That is more money than all the row officer candidates running this year combined.
Indicted Jury Commissioner Jerry Bonner gave her $500 but she sent it back. There are a few other names that are in the news listed in the report.
Wilkes-Barre Area School Board President Frank Pizzella kicked in $125 for her golf tournament that is also listed on his CFR. Pizzella has been charged with conspiracy in a teacher job-selling scheme in 2004. I didn't know that she played golf.
Michael Pasonick is the owner of an Architect/Engineering firm that does business with just about every government agency in Luzerne County made 2 donations totalling $1750 to Petrilla.
Pasonick was recently identified as the person who paid the bribe of $1400 to Housing Authority member Billy Maguire that was passed on by fellow board member Jerry Bonner. I wonder what the vig was in that deal? In one of the most creative excuses that I've ever heard Maguire said that he was reluctant to ask the housing authority for reimbursement of $1,400 he spent while attending a meeting of the National Leased Housing Association with Bonner in late January 2009 because of the debit card scandal and previous publicity that he was travelling the world on the taxpayer's dime when he was working in law enforcement. So he got Bonner to ask Pasonick to pick up the tab. At least he didn't try to double dip because records show he was not reimbursed by the authority. Bonner's attorney Mike Butera made the revelation about Pasonick. Butera has contributed $1000 to Petrilla.
Sometimes this gets confusing. Patrilla's committee received contributions from Hazleton State Rep. Todd Eachus' and DA Jackie Mo Carroll then her committee sent money to Eachus and Jackie Mo's campaign committees. Scott Gartley kicked in $500 and Petrilla contributed $1000 to Tina Gartley's judicial campaign. I guess this is an example of 'you wash my back, I'll wash your's.' These people don't use their own money to go to all these events, the donor's pay for it. In addition to Gartley she contributed to 2 other Luzerne County judicial candidates. She sent $250 to Joe Musto and $125 to Bill Amesbury.
In the row ofifce races she(her committee) gave $250 to Dem Prothonotary nominee Nancy Bellas who's husband has been indicted for taking a bribe and Democratic Controller hopeful Bob Morgan got $550.
Some Luzerne County officials chipped in for the boss.
Director of Assessments Anthony Alu $125
County Solicitor Vito DeLucca $375
Prison Warden Joe Piazza $500
This one I find interesting. Former Commissioner Todd Vonderheid ( Bond Brother) who is now the head honcho of the local Chamber of Commerce chipped in $250. Vondy ran as a team with Greg Skrepenak for Luzerne County Commissioners telling people we didn't need home rule because we can trust them. That worked out well. Vondy quit before his term was up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet it is. This is little more than a complete political circle jerk. Look at the people who give and then look to see how much they get back in fees and salary. I like the way the judicial system works. Court people can't be involved and can't give political donations. Follow the money and it becomes clear what the game plan is. Petrilla is Chair of the Commissioner's Board and she gave $550 to the candidate (Morgan) who is supposed to audit her and look over her shoulder. At the same time, she tells Controller candidate to "watch his mouth". Which do you think Petrilla would like to see as the Controller? You ask why she isn't worried or concerned about Griffith winning? Apparently Petrilla watched the LuLac debate and she is now comfortable with a Controller who doesn't have a clue. So here is how I see it. She wants Morgan, doesn't fear Griffith and is concerned about Toole. This is easier to read than the Sunday comics but it isn't nearly as funny.

Anonymous said...

The Skreptialla monster has a funny mask

Anonymous said...

This bitch is still a connected democrat

Anonymous said...

Gort - what about all the cash that wasn't reported. Where did that go?

Anonymous said...

head honcho of the local Chamber that cant pay Their taxes what a joke and we will forgive their loans the tax payers wonder how many sweet deals went on with mericle

Anonymous said... WoW

Ed Ches from Dallas said...

Petrilla is afraid of Walter Griffith because Walter knows what is going on and will stay the course when elected to Controller. Walter still wants to know why Mary Anne Petrilla fired two CPA's when she was elected to the Controllers office, was it because these people knew about your involvment with the Juvie Center? and also Walter made Mary Anne look like a fool when she was on the witness stand when she wanted to borrow 16 Million Dollars. It was Walter that made he look stupid when she only recieved 5.6 Million. Note bad for a mechanic ..where was Wil Toole and Bob Morgan???you go Walter you have my vote..

Austin said...

Yeah Walter has my vote too. But who are these CPAs. If they know about the scandal wouldn't they be talking to the Feds right now? Is there any reason not to.

Do you know their names? That would be a matter of public record right?

Mrs. G said...

Hey Austin,

Does anybody who works for Luzerne County want to talk to the Feds? Be realistic. They're all connected. We have to clean house, and Walter has my vote, too.

Anonymous said...

Sad, so sad! In the end, we do get what we vote for. Walter hasn't a clue and I agree with Ann 8:34. Just watch the powers and tehy tell yyou with their actions who carries the big stick. You guys vote for Walter and I will vote for Wil Toole. There seems to be ore of you on this blog than us but might does not make right. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:42, looks like your fingers are frustrated but I get your point and agree. This is a Republican blog and Party matters much more than ability. Allow me to repeat, so sad.

Anonymous said...

The CPA's were talking to the feds thats why they were fired by Petrilla..Their names were Peter Dauchert and Glynis Kohler and Walter Griffith does know what is going on and Wil Toole is not able to handle the stress and is a very difficult person to deal with in government just ask anyone that has seen him conduct himself at a Pittston City meeting or ask the Mayor of Pittston how he behaves at the meetings now..hi is arrogant and nasty and cant work well with staff. Walter Griffith will make sure the government does what it should for the taxpayers and will not allow payment for contracts that are not being executed on the taxpayers behalf.

Wil Toole said...

The choice is clear. Luzerne County Voters can cast their vote for real hands on experience with a proven track record of management ability or they can look to inflated non existent experience or, the total absence of any semblance of proven ability to perform oversight responsibilities of hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, debt and cash flow. As a simple example of creative management, I invite all to visit my web site, and look at my suggestion for handling of assessment appeals. The choice is clear except for the mud and false accusations thrown by one or two obsessed people who have private and public computers available for their misuse.

This is an important election for more than the obvious reasons. This is a message to the world that Luzerne County voters have taken the bull by the horns and will no longer stand by and watch the two party system take turns at the trough at the expense of our youth and taxpayers. The possible message on Tuesday will be the voters left traditional thinking behind and for the first time in history chose an Independent to lead the way to open elections where an Independent or Third Party candidate can step up and have a chance to make a difference.

I don't expect the "pea" brains as they have been called to allow this post to go unchallenged without their personal and slanderous attacks but the intelligent voters are going to have to see through the mud and make a decision on Tuesday which will mark the beginning of Luzerne County's recovery. We now have our 15 minutes of infamous fame on the big screen complements of Michael Moore's national exposure of our shameful problems but we don't have to allow that image to be long lasting. We can take charge of our own destiny and image by stepping out of the box and going down the road of image recovery and financial recovery by electing an Independent and showing the way to all free thinkers that anything is possible and good government can be close at hand. This may be a judicial election but you the voter can be the real judge.

Anonymous said...

maybe we need a nasty guy in there as controller. i've seen toole at events and at the debates and nothing seems to rattle the guy. so i'm not seeing how anyone can say the guy can't work well with people. he sat next to the notoriously difficult suffer no fools gladly carolee olinginski and got along just fine. toole is the guy. plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the League, I have no intention of voicing any kind of opinion on any of the candidates or races. I would however comment on the posted issue of personalities. Mr. Toole sat with Mrs Olinginski on his left and his opponent Mr. Morgan on his right and you would think that Mr Toole was a long time friend of both. They all got along well and several times shared a laugh with each other. I'm not one that can handle confrontations to well but to watch Mr. Toole joke with the other two candidates was refreshing. He obviously is a people person and I agree that he does not rattle. The only emotion I could detect was his obvious passion for government. The voters of Luzerne county have enough information with regard to all of the Row Office candidates so Wednesday will hold the answer.

Anonymous said...


Mark said...

Allow me to do my impromptu, my textual impression of Wil Toole...

Blah, blah, effing blah, blah, effing blah, blah!


Where was the whistle-blowing (magistrate leases) before the whistle-blowing got going in earnest in this county?

If you knew of blatant wrongdoing and remained silent, are you, or were you not a co-conspirator to a great extent?


You knew about this, but you chose to sit on it until now?

You sound like a party insider to me, sadly, disturbingly, one who will go completely rogue on his longitme party cohorts when the mood strikes him.

In my opinion, any vote for you is proof positive that high school dropouts do in fact grow up and get registered to vote against their will by party operatives.

Or is it, the hapless goofs who support the party no matter which mentally-challenged dimwit runs for an elected office, thereby guaranteeing him or herself a cushy, do-nothing job when the Keytsone State Games come within spitting distance of this totally backwards place?

Basically, a vote for Wil Toole is a vote for the status quo.

And anybody who says otherwise is obviously dense beyond any known structural density, dense and anonymous or dense and beholding to the fast-fading powers that be.

Blah, blah, effing blah.

Too little, too late to be credible.

Sez me,

Markie in Nord End

Anonymous said...

Markie in Nord End, you're to much. Blah, blah, blah, kinda sounds like you and Valenti ought to get together. He has a songm hum, hum, hum, so between the two of you there seems to be a song of humblah, humblah, humblah. I'm nost usre if would be rap or an indian war chant, humblah, humblah, humblah ha, ha, ha. But please don't make it blahhum, blahhum, blahhum, I hate that sound. Stick with humblah, humblah, humblah.

Gort has got to consider changing this from a political blog to comedy offcentral. humblah, humblah humblah.

Anonymous said...

Is Nord End anywhere near Nord Track? Humblah will forever be the war cry of the scary Nord End Trackers of the EeedEnd Indian Tribe branch of the famous Fugahwee Lost Tribe. If I were you Markle .... I mean Markie, I wouldn't fugwedum!

Anonymous said...

Follow the money and u will c how connected these people r. The money and the names r the same. Kanjo,Mitchell,Petrilla,Bonner,Civarella,Conahan,the newspaper article about Mellow today,Vonderheid,Buffalino,Butera just follow the names. Butera represents Booner represented Toole when he got arrested and Conahan threw out the charges. Conahan awards Butera money in a lawsuit. Butera gives Conahan $10,000. Buffalino was a republican before vonderheid took care of him. Follow the money follow the scum.

BibleB said...

You folkes have to take a breath and look to the lord for some guidance, I have done some serious soul searching and Toole is the only candidate for me and my family so God forgive the stone throwers and good luck to Wil on his never ending fight to do what's right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:43 More distored non-facts.
Mark Buffalino was a kid when his father switched from Republican to Democrat and that was under Trini's watch. Stop running your shit mouth and makeing lies ... follow the money. Look on line at Toole's finance report and you won't see Buters but I think even Toole was surprised at that. In fact, you won't see any of Toole's old political friends on his report, they seem to have washed their hands of him after he rgistered Independent. But what's a few fact among phonies and slanderers, right? You people can make up all the facts you want, lie after lie and it still won't make you right. As far as I'm concerned, the election is over. I'm leaving town at 7 AM this morning and i've already voted. So in my election, Toole is the new Controller, Amesbury is the new judge. Judge Burke is retained, PPO is OUT, Stanky remains the Reg. of Wills and finally Hass is now a member of the Wilkes Barre Area School Board. Oh yes, I have to say that David Yonki got my vote for Jury Comish. I wish that Dave could have given it an effort and then I would have had a 100% correct ballot. Well, Dave is a winner anyway.

Anonymous said...

Note that Bible B of 8:18 is not to be confused with Bible B of CH fame. BIble B of 8:18 is well known in the heights as Bible Bill so please don't confuse him with the hypocrite from Pittston.

Anonymous said...

Shame on somebody, I tried to cast a vote for Wil Toole from my home computer and my hubby tried from his work computer and the same thing happened to both of us. Nothing! I guess Mr Toole has received all the votes he going to be allowed.

Gort said...


I just tested it and it is working fine.

Anonymous said...

Glad it works, but it isn't like it is the actual election, then again maybe it is? LOL