Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bill Vinsko for Congress

From the inbox:

Vinsko, Lifelong Resident of the 11th Congressional District,
Vows a Common-Sense Campaign in 2012

Wilkes-Barre, PA- July 21- Bill Vinsko has taken the first step necessary to be the Democratic nominee for the United States Congress by forwarding the required paperwork to the Federal Election Commission. Vinsko would face Republican Congressman Lou Barletta in the 11th Congressional District.

“People in our communities have told me that common sense and practical values of Northeast Pennsylvania are absent in Washington” said Vinsko. “I remember fighting hard as a student at King’s College for what is now the Arena at Casey Plaza. The entire community worked hard to voice their opinions, make sure they were heard and found a way to get it done. We can do that again, and I am ready and committed to lead the fight against the right-wing extremists we currently have in Congress, who are supporting radical cuts to Medicare, Social Security and Education. It is time to renew our passion and band together to create jobs for our future, to give paychecks to our people, and preserve our word to our seniors and veterans by keeping Medicare and Social Security strong.”

Bill has a history of helping create jobs in Northeast Pennsylvania. As an attorney, Bill and his brother, Brian, formed Vinsko and Associates, a full-service law firm handling real estate, estate planning, business and municipal law. Additionally, Bill is the President and Chairman of the Board of VPharm, Inc., a local pharmacy serving nursing homes and assisted living facilities, designed to help fill the needs of local senior citizens, who are able to obtain prescription drug medication a reasonable costs, without foregoing good service. During a down economy, Bill and his family have managed to expand their businesses to now employ over 30 local residents.

Vinsko has hired nationally prominent political strategists Snyder Pickerill Media Group as media consultant and The Strategy Group as campaign advisors. Snyder Pickerill has worked on competitive campaigns throughout the country from State House and State Senate races through contests for the U.S. House and Senate. The Strategy Group has advised multiple Presidential Candidates, as well as various other high profile campaigns across the country. Kyle Donahue has been named campaign manager.

Vinsko intends to formally announce his campaign in the next few weeks. Please join Bill and help achieve these goals for Northeast Pennsylvania. Visit the campaign website at to join the cause.

Bill Vinsko was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre PA. †He worked during his years at Bishop Hoban High School as a janitor and concessions clerk at the FM†Kirby Center. † Also at that time, Bill met his future wife, Paula VanFossen, as the two worked together as on-air personalities for†Froggy 101 - a local radio station, under the names "I.B. Green" and "Cricket" respectively. Bill continued working full time while†attending Kings College, Wilkes-Barre. Their children Mercedes, Will, and Margaret Marie are the fourth generation of Vinskos to be raised in Northeast Pennsylvania. His parents, Bill and Joan, currently live in Wilkes-Barre.

Bill Vinsko became one of the first students at Penn State University history to earn a Masters Degree in Public Administration and his Law Degree from and Dickinson School of Law at the†same time. Upon returning to Wilkes-Barre he became the youngest person to ever serve as Assistant City Attorney for his hometown. Several years later he founded Vinsko and Associates to represent area residents in their real estate transactions, estate planning other legal needs. †His wife, Paula, has been the business manager of the firm since its inception.

Vinsko is deeply active in his community, having volunteered for the local United Way, the Luzerne County Mental Health/Mental†Retardation Program, and St. Nicholas Church Parish Council. †He has†won local leadership awards and recognition for his volunteer work on behalf of his community from the Rotary Club International and the Volunteer Action Center of the Wyoming Valley. Law and Politics Magazine has named Vinsko a “Super Lawyer Rising Star,”†every year since 2005, including this year, 2011.


Anonymous said...

Before I decide if I am going to join the cause, I'm going to see if I'm still in the 11th after redistricting...

Anonymous said...

Don't rush, former Congressman Carney might be in the running. I would have to run from Bill and rush to Chris.

Anonymous said...

Vinsko is a good one to have in the wings but I agree that Chris Carney is the man for the job. We need his experience and his modeerate attitude. He is not crazy left or right and having a representative of common sense is a rare thing in Washington. If we elect Carney, coom sense might just become the norm in Washington and all will be right with the world.

Anonymous said...

Did Carney move into the 11th?

Anonymous said...

We don't know yet ...... if the redistricting takes place that is being predicted, I will be a resident of the district.

Pope George Ringo said...

If Carney becomes eligible and runs, Barletta is toast.

Forrest Gump said...

I've heard rumors that a certain former Congressman, who represented the 11th is also waiting to see what redistricting brings before he throws his hat back in the ring. Kanjorski or Carney would be welcomed back with open arms.

Barletta will be a one-termer no matter what the boundaries are.