Sunday, July 24, 2011

Front Row

We just spent a couple of days in Philadelphia and had a good time as usual. We had dinner at Donnelly's on South St. near Penn's landing as we always do but skipped running around town because it was just too damn hot. I like it hot but even I have my limits.

The highlight of our stay was the Phillies game on Friday night that the fightin's won 3-1 with Cole Hamels going 8 innings striking out 10. We were not in the front row but pretty darn close. The down side was the heat. The last time I remembering sweating so much while doing nothing was when I was in basic training in Texas many moons ago. It was so hot I couldn't even drink any beer and the vendors were selling bottles of water for the low, low price of $4.25 a bottle. According to the Phillie's website there are 20 water fountains in the park but I couldn't locate any of them. 20 fountains for 45,000 people? To top it off one of the elevators in the Holiday Inn next to the stadium where we always stay was out of action just like every other time we have been there and our room was on the 10th floor.

Anyway, these were the best seats I have ever had for a Phillie's game and despite the heat we still had a great time. I'm a lot like Elwood P Dowd.

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