Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's not about the deficit

The Democrats have offered a deal that Bob Dole and Howard Baker could never have dreamed of. John Boehner seemed to want to go for it but his caucus won't go for it because it involves some tax increases. So it now looks like the Republicans are going to blow up the government and possibly the world economy because they can't accept a deal that favors them. The GOP doesn't want to balance the budget they want to destroy the government. How stupid are these people?


Anonymous said...

If the republican can force social security, medicare and every other entitlement into insolvency I am all for it. Let's scrap all the entitlements, lay off the bulk of government employees and slash income taxes and get back to self reliance. Also, they better step up and end corporate welfare as well. No one nor no entity deserves money from the federal government.

Funny Bernie Maddoff is in prison for the rest of his life setting up an investment scheme based on Social Security.
You liberals all like to preach evolution, well let's apply it to our social structure.
Greece, Italy and even Great Britain have been on the brink of financial ruin due to over spending socialistic policies, but let's blame the republicans. I say give the republicans credit for exposing socialism.
Ben Franklin warned of overspending of the government to help the poor, but no one listened then, nor do they listen now.

Stephen Albert said...

Mitch McConnell said yesterday basically that it will not be possible to get a long-term deficit deal until Obama is out of office. What does that tell you?

Here's what it tells me: this IS about politics, specifically the 2012 election, where GOP hopes rest in either a nut-job (like Bachmann) or a someone who most Born-Again Christians believe is a member of cult (Romney). Oh wait, we may have Rick "Succession" Perry ride in and save the day. Anyway, this is a classic example of politics trumping policy.

Expect this kind of horse-shit most of the time, but kids in DC are now playing with fire when it comes to the debt ceiling.

Stephen Albert said...

PS...and please don't tell me that Obama isn't dealing fairly here, because that's a load-o-crap. He has already pissed off most of the extreme wing of the Democratic party with concessions on Medicare. These are people who want NO cuts to social-welfare program. What, pray tell, have the GOP negotiators done to piss off their nut-job faction? Every time "Boner" even mentions something similar to closing a nonsensical tax loophole 30 minutes later he comes back and denies that he ever suggested such a thing.

Anonymous said...

9:27, You are obviously just stiring the pot. If not, come forth, show the world who you are and how you have turned down benefits you recieve now and will in the future. Did you go to college? If so, how did you pay for it? Mommy and Daddy or Gov't loans? In either case, you did it on a handout, not on your own efforts. I hope you're joking but just inc case you are as big a jerk as you sound, you need to read a little history. You talk about going back to when we were self reliant? How about the fact that when we were so self reliant, the average life span ws 49 years? You need to have a serious talk with yourself and when its over, give yourself a slap in the head.

Anonymous said...

This Posting and lack of comments is indicative of the attitude that put the "Rs" in office. By the way, "R" stands for REPRESENTATIVE OF THE WEALTHY.

Forrest Gump said...

The title to this thread says it all. Anybody who has been following Obama's Presidency knows that Republican's have one goal in mind. Not letting him have another term. Problem is, they are interferring with the way our country works in the process. There are over 355 million people relying on our government to operate in an efficient way. Since Obama became President, Republican's have done anything to keep him from leading the country into the future. In the process everybody is being affected negatively. I only hope that voters remember this in November and every election afterwards.