Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kanjo is such a tease

Former Congressman Paul Kanjorski's interview with the TL last week has the local chattering classes all a twitter. When asked if he would run again he kept the door open.

He gave answers such as, “I can’t say yes or no;” “I can honestly say I haven’t given it any thought,” and “I’m enjoying the fresh air.”

PittstonPolitics jumped all over it even before the TL story was published. Joe also threw out a few other names of people who may or may not be contimplating a run against Lou Barletta depending on what the district will look like after redistricing. I think Luzerne County DA Jackie Mo is a long shot and Wilkes-Barre legal guy Bill Vinsko is already in.

The most intriging name in the mix is former 10th District Congressman Chris Carney depending if our salons in Harisburg try to make the district more Republican friendly by including Susquehanna County in the 11th. Technically Carney can run in the 11th even if he doesn't live in the district as the Constitution only requires that a member of Congress shall live in the same state modled after the British Parliment. It's rarely done but anything is possible. My first choice for this seat would be former state rep Kevin Blaum but that's just me. Eddie Day Pashinski and Phyllis Mundy would also be good candidates.

Back to Kanjo. Mrs G just told me she would always vote for him but I think he should write his book. He had many accomplishments that he can proudly point to but it's time to move on. But then again, anything is possible.

Barletta sent out a fundraising email yesterday about this news. It said:

Querido amigo -

Ayer por la tarde, Pennsylvania medios de comunicación comenzaron a informar que el ex congresista Paul Kanjorski - que usted me ayudó a vencer en 2010 - "está considerando lanzar su sombrero en el anillo para el asiento que estaba perdido" (PoliticsPA.com).

Todos recordamos Kanjorski de "grandes éxitos", ya sea llamando a dólares de los contribuyentes "dinero gratis" o votar por un paquete de un billón de dólares de estímulo que no produjo los empleos que necesitamos o empujar Obamacare. Lo importante es que no podemos volver a los mismos políticos que nos metieron en este lío.

El informe señala los medios de comunicación, "el dinero será un elemento clave en esta carrera y estoy seguro de Kanjo todavía tiene un poco guardados." Es cierto, si se decide a un reto para mí en 2012, Kanjorski se gastan millones para cubrir por encima de su registro y inducir a error a los electores sobre la mía.

Tenga la seguridad, voy a luchar fuerte contra Kanjorski, pero necesito tu ayuda para hacerlo. Una primera contribución a mi campaña ahora pagará grandes dividendos en el largo plazo.

Gracias por su continuo apoyo.


Lou Barletta


Anonymous said...

Iguess Kevin Blaum would be agood choice. After all, he really doesn't have enough and he has made so many friends since leaving office and taking up a pen to write endorsements for the TL. Yep, he's the guy.

Pope George Ringo said...

I believe that Blaum would be a formidable candidate. Carney would practically be a shoo in in the 11th if he becomes eligible.
Marino, on the other hand, is in like cement.

D.B. Echo said...

Here's the campaign ad Kanjorski should have run.

"Hello, I'm Paul Kanjorski. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but a lot have people have told me I should. So here goes:

(Lists accomplishments.)

"It's been my privilege to serve as your representative in Congress for twenty-six years. That's a long time, but my work isn't finished yet. If you elect me to another term, I promise to continue to represent the people of the 11th congressional district to the best of my ability."

- Or something like that. In the focus group I participated in, it gradually came out that while people could easily name major accomplishments from Dan Flood's time in office, no one could think of anything significant that Kanjorski had done. When the focus group moderator listed some of his accomplishments, we agreed the were significant and worthwhile. But he didn't mention them in ads that year - 2008 - and he didn't mention them in 2010. If he had, he might have been able to fight the tide of anti-incumbency that washed him away.

Gort said...

I said the same thing to Ed Mitchell and his response was good things don't move numbers

Stephen Albert said...

Amazing...the guy isn't even in office any more and he is still gaming the system. At this stage he has more in common with a crystal meth addict than anything else: he simply just can't stop.

Anonymous said...

How do you spell Kanjorski in street talk? G R E E D !!!!!

Where do you find him listed in the phone book? Look under Scumbag or Greedy Bastard

As for Ed Mitchell, if an ad doesn't stink from shit, it isn't worth considering.

Forrest Gump said...

Simply said, I'd vote for Kanjo, Carney or Blaum; probably Gort and Pope George ringo too. Anybody but Barletta. He's done a bang up job representing us, hasn't he!