Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Redistricting of PA Congressional seats

This is the map I spotted on Politics PA last month. It moves the 10th west and turns the 11th into something that looks like a lobster and Tim Holden's 17th district curls up and eats Lackawanna County. I don't think this will stand but I decided to run some numbers based on the 2008 election. I broke it down and found that this configuration gave President Obama 164,290 votes versus John McCain's 151,307. The old boundaries gave the President a big victory 203,162 to 156,262. Of course this is just back of the envelope math so please don't beat me up on it. In a way I like this map because it restores Luzerne County to one CD but I don't like it because Scranton had always been the anchor of the 10th CD until 2002. I'm a traditionalist and believe that Scranton and Wilkes-Barre should have different Congressmen.

Kevin Blaum, where are you?

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Anonymous said...

Scranton hasn't been in the tenth for a decade