Saturday, May 14, 2011


It has always been a feature of this blog to predict the winners of the elections the Saturday before Tuesday but this time I have no idea. I usally get it wrong anyway.

In the race for Luzerne County Judge 16 lawyers are chasing 6 spots on the bench. My favs are Lesa Gelb, Jen Rogers, Joe Saporito and Vito DeLuca who I just might bullet vote.

The Luzerne County Council is a new beast with almost 50 people aspiring to be elected. The good thing is there will be some Republicans elected to this new body in the fall although I think the D or R label doesn't matter much in local government.

I will go out on limb and predictict that Tom Leighton will win renomination as Democractic nominee for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre and James O'Meara will be the nominee for Republican candidate for Plains Township Commissioner. Also Jackie Mo will be the next District Attorney.

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Anonymous said...

i predict that every person who voted in favor of home rule will have serious buyers remorse come nov. the cast of characters, rable rousers, never have beens and wanna be's who may be in charge of county gov't is frightening.
thanks to the likes of you, yonki and corbett voters reacted out of anger instead of insightful thought and deliberation.