Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pennsylvania exit poll

Me and Mrs. G were voters number 212 and 213 at 4Pm at our polling place at the Plains Twp. fire hall out of 1000+. There were a number of poll workers handing out palm cards for Judge, County Council but only one pushing a Township Commissioner candidate. For the most part I think handing out cards at polling place is a waste of time as most people already have made up their minds.

Way back when I was actively involved in campaigns I got into some heated arguments with my peers over the best use of volunteers on election day. Depending on the campaign if you had enough money to phone bank along with knocking on doors and other direct contact efforts you should have identified your voters and your resources should be spent on voter recontact on election day to make sure your definite and maybe voters get to the polls. The best technique that an old pol in Massachusetts taught me was to work the room with the voter list after your guy/girl made an appearance at a senior center, etc. to ID people who might vote for them and give them a call on election day.

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