Wednesday, May 04, 2011

First GOP Presidential Debate

The most highly anticipated and ignored event of the Presidential pre-primary season will be held in South Carolina tomorrow.

The participants are:

former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who I like

Congressman Ron Paul, who I respect but disagee on many things

former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who I have met

former Virginia Senator Rick Santorum, who makes me laugh

and Herman Cain, I ate a lot of Godfather's Pizza when I lived in Omaha

Of these guys the only one I can take seriously is Pawlenty.

As Steve Bennen said:

I'd call this a clown debate but I don't want to insult clowns.

As far as the supposed serious candidates:

Mitt Romney declined; Gingrich won't set up an exploratory committee until next week and is therefore ineligible; Huntsman is in a similar boat; Michelle Bachmann hasn't made any formal moves; Mitch Daniels is still figuring out what he wants to do; Roy Moore and Roy Roemer can't break 1% in the polls ; and Palin and Huckabee are still on the Fox News payroll.

It's going to be tough to run against the President that killed Bin Laden.

And speaking for the Almighty we get this:

Karen Santorum says the 2012 presidential race, in which her husband, Rick, is a likely Republican candidate, is "not just another political race. It’s about going on to the battlefield and defending God’s truth in the world." [...]
She says the couple has "prayed a lot about the decision" and the former senator's decision--apparently she's referring to his forming a presidential exploratory committee--"
is what God wants."

Pic is for my friend Dan


Stephen Albert said...

" what God wants"

Funny, isn't that the exact same kind logic that terrorists use all the time?

By the way, welcome back Gort.

Gort said...

Thanks Pal

D.B. Echo said...

Happy belated blogiversary!

Mean Old Man said...

Although I greatly admire Miss Bachmann and Mr. Huckabee, this country will certainly be saved when the people elect our sainted Sen. Santorum to the office of President of the United States.
ONce again his reputation is being tarnished by the insurgent who runs this site. He ain't fooling me one bit; the only reason he's back is to assure that Mr. Santorum is NOT elected!!! Damn!!!!
By the way, Mr. President, SHOW US THE DEATH CERTIFICATE!!!

Pope George Ringo said...

Although none of us has a crystal ball it is more than likely the main issue in 2012 will be the economy. A frustrated white house has seen several false start recoveries.
I will go out on a limb here and tell you that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee.
Obama walked into a pig sty of a mess when he assumed office and everyone knew that it would take years to recover from what the W crowd did. I even recall Gort once saying that it was highly possible that whoever won in 2008 would be a one termer.
Second prediction: If gas is 5 dollars a gallon next year Obama loses, no matter who the GOP nominates because of the economic domino process high fuel causes.
Nevertheless, one thing cannot be ignored: One termer or not, Barack H. Obama will be remembered by history for two things: the first African AMerican president of the U.S. and the President who got Bin Laden. A crowning achievement that even the most wacko fringe groups cannot take away.
The killing of bin laden has most likely killed off the birther movement.

Anonymous said...

i dont know much about his politics, but you gotta admit hes a sharp dresser!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gort42, you know of not what you speak. In your intro. you list Santorum as a "former Virginia Senator". Although Virgina and Pennsylvamnia are both Commonwealths. Santorum was a Senator from the Keystone State. You probably have to look up what Keystone means. Hink -- Under "K" in the dictionary. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"former Virginia Senator"

Some people just don't get the joke

Stephen Albert said...

With that tie you would swear that he was the senator from Fire Island.

Mark said...

Dude, welcome back and all.

That said, if I have to look at that freaking pink tie one more time, I'm coming on over there with a metric ton of Silly String.

You have been warned.