Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looking to the fall-Luzerne County Council

What a cluster**** this primary has been. 49 candidates for 22 spots on the ballot and most of the nominees I still don't know very much about.

I'm looking for links to campaign sites and Facebook fan pages so help me out. I found some via The Nothington Post.


Stephen A. Urban

Linda McClosky Houck

Jim Bobeck

Edward A. Brominski

Jane Walsh-Waitkus

Eileen M. Sorokas

Salvatore Licata

Tim McGinley

Michelle Bednar

M. Theresa Morcavage

Elaine Maddon Curry

Republican nominees

Stephen J. Urban

Rick Morelli

Kathleen M. Dobash

John Ruckno

Harry Haas

Blythe H. Evans III

William Bill James

Eugene L. Kelleher

Gina Nevenglosky

Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt

Michael Cabell


Anonymous said...

Can not believe the stupid people of Luzerne County voted for any of the Urban family - they are all phonies and we need to kick them all out of office!!

RAINMAN said...

What are the people thinking. God bless us all in November. I guess name recognition is what people go with. I spent 30 plus hours researching my choices for county council on the Democratic side and guess what, not one of the folks I voted for made the final 11. I may not have all the answers and I sure don't know everything, but I feel I am a good judge of character and can read people well by what they say. How could I be wrong with all 11 choices? Steve Urban is what we are trying to get away from in this county. He was no watchdog. He was more like an annoying poodle. All talk no bite. Steve Flood got the ball rolling on all of this corruption and guys like Urban take credit. Come on folks, wake the hell up!!!

Oh by the way, welcome back GORT. You were missed greatly.

Forrest Gump said...

The previous post attributed to RAINMAN was actually posted by Forrest Gump. It's been so damn long GORT, I forgot my own name. Sorry for the confusion Bill.

Anonymous said...

Gort, if you want to see the candidates in action, go to the TL's web site and watch the interviews. I watched every interview and I'm sick. Sorokos knows how to plan flowers and that's the end of her ability. Bednar can't string 10 word together to make a complete sentence and she's now a real candidate. Watch the videos and you too will get sick.

Here is a thought, how about if some of these people sit down and give serious thought to what they are doing and what they have gotten into. Maybe if they do, they will resign their nominations and real candidates can take over. As it stand right now, Urban stands as a myth. He does nothing and can't even be a good minority. He doesn't see anything wrong till somebody else finds it and then he begins his toothless bark. Brominski stands alone among the 11 as the only one that will know what's going on. If we can get a few to resign, how do we get Toole and Simpson on the ticker? Toole Simpson and Overman were my favorite candidates and they have all left the building. Please God help us.

ztibllf said...

I have not been following things since I am down in SEPA, Which Urban is the D and which is the R

Anonymous said...

It seems the buyers remorse is starting now. Acting out of anger the heynas of NEPA are getting just what they deserve: unlubricated )%#@ penetration!

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself. I studied the candidates and I voted. The only winners I had were Brominski, Boebeck and McGinley. I also wanted Toole, Smpson and Ovrerman. I like the idea of a few of the winners waking up to the fact they are over their heads, stepping down and allowing these three to get on the ballot. What are we to do when the only song that is being song is, "I Know the Charter". Big friggin deal. Is knowing the Charter going to straighten out the county's problems? The level of my frustrations is just above the river crest of the "72" flood. We're done. I sent an email to Toole last evening asking if he would consider a write in campaign. No answer yet but I'm hoping. I want at least one person who is worthy of my vote but if Toole, Simpson and Overman will mount a write in campaign, who knows? The 3 I have are not enough to make a difference, we need 3 more. Oh, by the way, please don't tell me Morelli would make a good Councilman, he is the guy who said he didn't like the Charter but voted for it anyway. We need leaders, not followers.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, Steve Urban is a d; Steve Urban is an R; both are stupid and obnoxious - hope that helps

dete said...

No Which is the father, whioch is the son?

Anonymous said...

The father is the one who is really, really stupid

Anonymous said...

Harry Haas is a stupid arrogant ego maniac - and I am being kind to him!