Sunday, May 08, 2011


I have long had the view that most endorsements are only good for a press release unless they bring boots on the ground or bundles of money. That being said it is better to get the endorsement of the local newspaper than not.

But just remember how the Times-Leader endorsement gave us State Rep Christine Kotsock way back when she was still a Republican. She even printed signs that said "Endorsed by the Times-Leader." She got clobbered by Eddie Day Pashinski 2 to 1 in 2006. I'm sure I can find other examples but this one comes to mind. Congressman Malcolm Derk, if he wasn't in the race I think Dave Madeira just might have topped geographically challenged Tom Marino.

The endorsement that matters the most in this election was made by a collection of Unions that natuarally pissed of many of my Republican friends. There also some hard feelings on the Dem side.
Maybe the question should be "why don't I have those protections" instead of why do "those people have them."

Anyway here is the annointed list:

Our endorsement: Luzerne County Council, Republicans


Yep, I work there. said...

One problem I see here is perception. The courthouse employees represented by the union aren't the debit card wielding, fat salaried, arrive late and leave early bunch in the county.

When it's time to balance the budget, it's done of the back of these workers, some making less than $20k. They're the ones who get laid off, and who's departments are shuttered.

These are the employees who show up on time and get their work done. The union employees sign in and out on their time sheets every day and have been since the 1980's. Soon, they will be the ones pressing their palms on a $450,000.00 biometric time clock system while management is exempt.

Some (R's) would love to paint every employee under the dome with the same "fat cat, corruption brush", and that's just an uninformed, unrealistic and unfair position.

The "working family" ticket is an attempt to keep the workforce stable. To surmise differently is painting with that broad brush.

Anonymous said...

The wroking family ticket is a little less than a joke! I understand that most candidates were not even interviewed. I can't put the union in charge of the county. I'm voting for Wil Toole as well as Ed Brominski, Bruce Simpson, Tim McGinley, Brian Ovrman and Jim Bobeck. Those 6 are my picks. I watched every interview video on the TL on line and I just can't justify voting for any of the others. I absolutely will not vote for Mike Giamber just because he hold a gas lease and is in avor of fracking. These 6 are the only thing between good government and mass confusion