Saturday, May 28, 2011

RIP Jonathan Balester

I had run into Jonathan at various Luzerne County Republican events over the last few years and thought he was a good guy. So the news that he has been apparently murdered really hit me hard. I didn't know him that well but he struck me as a gentle soul who would help anyone he could. I'm sure we learn more over the next few days.

Suspicious death is investigated

Police seek information on homicide victim's activities

Also Rusty Flack has died. Another good guy.


JimboBillyBob said...

This was just horrible, stunning news. Jonathan was an incredible person. Tireless, quick to lend a hand and passionate in his beliefs.

I met him for the first time at an organizational meeting for a county GOP picnic. My wife and I saw him often on the "campaign trail" last year. He was someone we both looked forward to seeing often in the future. He was a friend I'd made only recently in my life, and it's hard to accept he has been so savagely torn from the lives of so many people.

Many have said he is now in God's embrace. I'm sure he is. But I also think the Lord had two words for Jonathan as he walked toward his Creator: "You're early."

Anonymous said...

Jonathan was a prince of a man, and a true joy to be around. Channel 16 showed a 1998 clip of him complaining about some restaurant who had not catered to him! Well, I met Jonathan in 2004 at the Bush HQ, and saw him maybe a dozen times afterward. Let me tell you, that whiny man on film from '98 may have LOOKED like Jonathan, but it wasn't the man I knew. Jonathan was on fire for God, and it's some solace to know that he's at peace with Christ now. We're surely going to miss him terribly, though. He can't be replaced! God Bless, Bob Cirba

Joe Valenti said...

Johathan was a great guy. My good friend Louie Biscotto introduced me to him 20 years ago and we hit it off ever since.

Anonymous said...

I met Jonathan while enjoying "Pizza Monday's" at a good friend's home. Aside from Pizza Monday's I would see Jonathan while attending The Harvest Church in Trucksville. Another good friend was unable to drive so I would take him to Sunday services. The three of us began to have breakfast after Sunday service and if you knew Jonathan, then you know the Bible was the focus of our breakfast conversation. It wasn't long before the three of us would meet at my house for dinner and Bible study. I had a Bible and Jonathan gave one to my friend. We had many study sessions but like many things, outside interests began to interfere and our little study group ended. Being a philosophical Democrat and Jonathan being even stronger on the conservative Republican side, it made for interesting get together's, especially on Pizza Monday's. Jonathan had a good heart, spent much time helping inmates at the Luzerne county prison and certainly did not deserve to have his life ended in such a terrible way. God Bless Jonathan and reward him for the life he led these past 15 years of serving the word of God. Wil Toole

Anonymous said...

He was my Brother and he gained my love and admiration! God Bless Him and may he Rest in Peace!