Sunday, May 15, 2011

Needed shake up

i predict that every person who voted in favor of home rule will have serious buyers remorse come nov. the cast of characters, rable rousers, never have beens and wanna be's who may be in charge of county gov't is frightening.
thanks to the likes of you, yonki and corbett voters reacted out of anger instead of insightful thought and deliberation.

This may be true. This was a reaction to all the corruption that has been going on forever so the voters decided to change the form of government. The good thing is the structure of the government can be changed in 5 years without reinventing the wheel. but if you want to start all over agian that is an option


Don Williams said...

Once again...words of wisdom from an anonymous poster.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Any new form of government, as history has proven, has periods of growing pains. However, the fiasco that the voters have now implemented so kindly upon the rest of us by way of the Home Rule Charter is dead in the water from the beginning.
Students, when a young child acts without thinking (as young people are apt to do more than not) the consequences are staggering.
What have we wrought??
For starters, we now shall have 11 politicos to keep watch over--nearly four times what we deal with presently. Does anyone actually believe that the answer to all of the corruption and "favoritism" is to increase the amount of people in power??? I realize that our educational system is in the dumpster, but really, if this is not the most prime example of fuzzy math to ever be presented to the world then I'm in the wrong profession.
Of course, students, we are dealing with Luzerne County, which has one of the least intellectual populations on the planet (and that includes Ecuador!).
We reap what we sow and so it is imperative that we the people of Luzerne County prepare for the disaster that most surely is coming.
I honestly am considering re examining the idea that people need to take an intelligence test before being given the right to vote. Surely if this was the case our nation would be in much better hands.
Class dismissed!!!!

Anonymous said...

"voters reacted out of anger instead of insightful thought and deliberation."

no truer words have been written about this cluster fuck county council. the moronic nepa heynas have spoken. thanks gort

Anonymous said...

I have watched every TL video available and looked at the web site of each candidate who has advertised one. I have made a decision which include 6 candidates. I will not be voting for 11. As of this moment, I will vote for Wil Toole, Ed Brominski, Bruce Simpson, Brian Overman, Tim McGinley and Jim Bobeck. These six have the experience and education to lead the building of our government. If this can be done, these six can get it done. I'm not voting for the union slate, I am voting for six candidates who presented a good image during their TL interviews and they have convinced me that they are the answer to a terrible problem. I wish that Gort expressed his view on the best, he has a unique way of thinking and I would have been interested in what he thinks. I would love to know if Gort agrees with any of my picks. C'mon Gort.

Anonymous said...

11:12 PM, Good choices all. Can't wait to see how the people muddle through this mess. I can't say I have much faith in the voters, they gave us this home rule fiasco so why would anyone thing they will give us deent candidates for November? I took the time to look at the videos you mentioned and I agree. I will also vote for those six and see what happens. I would also like to kow what Gort thinks and if Mrs Gort agrees with him. Interesting!