Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another view

A guest post, I timed this to publish while we are in Deleware.


A Message by Mean Old Man

I’m fit to be tied that the commie justice department railroaded one of the finest young judges that Luzerne County ever produced, the honorable Mark Ciavarella.

All Mr. Ciavarella did was to give some young juvenile delinquent punks the hard knocks they deserved for terrorizing and plundering old folks like myself. Of course, no young punk would ever consider playing any of their spoiled rotten games on me and my missus as I would counter it with a few sprays of buckshot from my trusty Remington and then a little love and affection from my prize bulldog Titus.

Kids today have it too easy, especially criminal kids! After Judges Ciavarella and Conahan were laid victims in a kangaroo court all the prissy liberals (including the one who runs this site) were wondering why the crime rates in their neighborhoods were going up. Morons!!!! With the loss of these two great men I am reminded of what happened when we turned our backs on some other great patriots such as George W. Bush and our sainted Sen. Santorum (see you in the White House soon, Rick!). And for all the liberals who scream the praises of the present occupant of the White House let me tell ya one thing: When G.W. was President, we had a AAA credit rating and now we’re down to AA----see what I mean!!!!!

Instead of shipping poor Mr. Ciavarella off to a gulag they should be giving him a medal.

When I stroll up to the Wal Mart or the mini mart I always see these young punks with their pornographic tattoos and nose rings and clothes too big to fit them.
The hang out asking for money expecting something for nothing. What do you expect from a generation raised by smelly hippies???!!!! Damn!!!!!
And they don’t even have the respect to hold the door open for a lady or an elderly person either.

In my day we had respect for our elders and we didn’t give ‘em no lip either. I remember one time my mom took me on a trip to the city. We were heading into Isaac Long’s off the square and I let the door slam in a young woman’s face. Hell, I was just a kid what did I know? Anyway, when Pops came home from a hard day at the coal mines that evening Mom told him about what I did at the dinner table. Ol’ Pops shouted so loud it would make the devil himself shiver. He then proceeded to take my plate of Potato soup and fling it onto my face. On top of that he gave me a shiner in my left eye. I don’t know what hurt more, the pain of the hot soup on my face or the swelling of my eye. It was horrible, excruciating and humiliating—and you know what? I loved it!!! Because then I knew two things< that Pops and mom loved me and that a kid oughta know his place!!!! It’s a lesson I never forgot. God, I miss my parents a lot.

Kids today rule the parents and that’s why our country’s falling apart. But the commie who runs this site won’t tell you that. HE’s been against Mr. Ciavarella , Conahan and our Sainted Sen. Santorum (whom he shows doctored porn photos of) all along. And one more thing: he says he is off to the beach. MY FOOT!!!!!

I bet he’s either off to Peking to get together with the Commies and help plan the next credit downgrade that is all their fault.
NO doubt he pulled out all of his stocks a few weeks ago because commies always keep each other informed.

So, Gort have fun in Peking (sorry, the beach); tell all your fellow travelers to make sure they don’t forget to send the President a birthday card. As for me, I’ll be sitting here in my easy chair, smoking a Lucky and hoisting a Steg and toasting Judge Ciavarella while listening to the sounds of Pearl Bailey singing “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?”

TO hell with your vacation, To hell with your readers, and to hell with Judge Kosik!!!!!!!



Stephen Albert said...

This reminds me of the fake letters to the editor that would appear in National Lampoon.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Mean Old Man's tongue in cheek writings is that a lot of what he says here is true. These kids no longer get time in facilities that offer help to them, they are sent home becuase the gutless judges now on the county bench are terrified of making a mistake. Mark Ciavarella was the last hope these kids had of getting their lives in order and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Not for nutin but what the hell does this have to do with the price of rice? When did battered kids ever have anything to do with juvinile court?

Anonymous said...

Judge Kosik my HERO!!!!

Anonymous said...

So you buy into the media BS that these poor kids were taken advantage of? The fact that their parents signed a waiver stating they did not want legal representation means nothing? The fact that some of these kids were guilty of rape, assault, arson and other serious crimes means nothing? The fact that in truth, each juvenile sent away was sent for treatment after receiving a psychological evaluation and the maximum term was/is 30 days at which time they are evaluated and if no progress is shown in their treatment, they continue in treatment? Not one kid is sentenced to a "term" in juvenile detention, they sent to various treatment centers some as far away as Arizona. Do you know that Luzerne County does not have even one child in the now infamous Pittston Twp detention center yet it is 100% full? The truth was that the facility did not need kids from here to fill it, they have enough problem children from Philly and other areas to keep it filled. Kids for Cash was a media term that sounds wonderful but the Feds did not charge either of the two judges with Kids for Cash and do you know why? Because it wasn't about kids for cash, it was about kickbacks to close the then Luzerne county facility and putting the deal together between PA Child Care (Powell) and Mericle Development. People don't want the truth because Kids for Cash is too juicy a story. They threw out every case and some were very serious crimes. Victims are no longer victims and restitution has gone by the wayside but enjoy Kids for Cash. Kosik is an old man who should not be on the Federal Bench. He left the door open to all kinds of appeals because there were times when he thought he was the prosecutor. Do you really think a guy in his mid 80's should be hearing any kind of trials?

Anonymous said...

4:05 AM. Thank you, I agree 100% and it is about time somebody had the balls to say it like it is.