Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remembering Jonathan Balaster

This Saturday friends of Jonathon will get together at

Lakeside Skillet Deck and Ballroom
279 Lakeside Drive
Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania

Starting at 5PM

The details are on the Luzerne County Republican Party website you can also check it out at this Facebook event page

Jonathan Balester Memorial Family Picnic

Unfortunately we won't be able to attend because we will be at the beach that day. My fondest memory of Jonathan was mediating a dispute he had with a Luzerne County elected official who mistakenly accused him of dredging up some unfavorable information about him. They kissed and made up after I proved to the elected official that he wasn't the source because another blogger found it in public records. Jonathan was very forgiving and gracious as anyone who calls themselves a Christian should be.

The disturbing thing is that the police have not made an arrest in this case. Jonathan was the victim of a violent murder and the person (s) who did it is/are still walking around.

His family is offering a reward for information.

2nd reward offered for info linked to man’s killing


Anonymous said...

It is nice the family is offering a reward to find those resonsible for Jonathan's death but it would hae been better for Jonathn if they shared their wealthw with him in life. We all know that Jonathan walked on the wild side for a period of time but that was the old Jonathan, not the new Christian Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

We miss him! Rest in Peace Brother!