Tuesday, August 23, 2011

East coast earthquake

I can cross that one off the list. I remarked to Mrs. G not long ago that one of the extreme natural phenomenons I hadn't experienced was an earthquake. The Agnes flood and a few others, tornadoes in Nebraska, Hurricane Gloria and many blizzards but not an earth shaker.

I was sitting at the kitchen table writing out some checks when I heard the tea kettle rattling and the light over my head swaying. At first I thought it was the wind as the window was open but then I noticed that the table was shaking. At that point the light bulb lit up, holly shit we're having an earthquake. Thankfully, no one was injured and the damage is minor.

Earthquakes are rare around here but if you live long enough you can expect to see just about anything. So what"s next, Volcanic eruptions on the culm banks or a Tsunami on the Susquehanna?

Mark was not impressed and decided to take a cheap shot at government workers The Great (non) Quake of '11

Dana is blaming Al Gore I think we just had an earthquake here

Maria posted a Carol King video that other sights are also doing Song of the Day

Bernie had a cigarette Did the Earth Move For You, Too?

Carl says Lady Gaga and Bono have teamed up for a benefit telethon for the earthquake ravaged East Coast EARTHQUAKE!

Valley Scanner has a video of the event Wilkes-Barre Earthquake Footage


Mean Old Man said...

I was sitting with my good pals Skeets and Gummo hoisting a few Stegs at the VFW. Once things started moving around I thought that my beer was skunked and I was ready to give a handful to Toots the barkeep.
Then Gummo (who drinks Genney) started complaining, saying that he thought he was about to have his "115th stroke" and I knew something was up.
Good Ol' Skeets didn't feel a thing, but mind you, he usually gets at the club by 10:00 a.m. and can barely feel the bottle of beer around the palm of his hand by 2 O'Clock.
I don't know why all the prissys around here get so upset about a dumb earthquake anyways.
Hell, back in the day I worked part time at the ol' dynamite factory in Dupont. We went in at 5in the morning and weren't sure we were going to see quitting time. Once in a while a section of the plant would blow because some dumb worker didn't do his job right (we still toast you, Statzi, RIP) but that was part of the game. God knows, we didn't run out of the building crying crocodile tears worrying that the world was gonna end. And the damned news reporters from around here breaking into my TV time acting as if Jesus himself was coming back. Damn!!!!
To hell with local news!!!!
Stop interrupting my Father Knows Best reruns and until then, GO TO HELL!!!
I hate you all!!!!!!!

karlub said...

Mean Old Man, that is the best piece of writing I've seen today. It's like some weird combination of Hunter Thompson and the poet James Wright.

Mean Old Man said...

RE: Karlub,
I am pleased as punch to finally receive a compliment. Far too many times on this commie rag all I get is abuse.
Although I am not familiar with Mr. Wright or Mr. Hunter Thompson, I am sure they are great, God-fearing Americans.
Stop over the ol' homestead if you get the chance for some of Thelma Jean's Owl Soup and a few of her champion biscuits.
As for the rest of you, Go to Hell!!!!!