Thursday, August 04, 2011

Patte's Sports Bar loses liquor license


According to the TL Pat Patte's license has not been renewed but he can appeal the decision and will almost certainly will. I predict that the place will keep it's license even if he loses the appeal by selling the place, on paper anyway, to one of his kids.

To refresh your memories Pat is serving 3 years probation for running a gambling operation out of the place and avoided having the business seized by the Feds by paying a $100,000 fine. As I pointed out earlier it was one of the worst kept secrets for years that you could place a friendly wager on a sporting event at Patte's among other North End bars in Wilkes-Barre. When I was a kid I got an education about the meaning of the point spread in the place.

You can but a lottery ticket a few blocks away or spend your unemployment check 2 miles to the north at the Mohegan Sun but you can't wager that the Patriots will beat the Dolphins by 3.

If you go there on a Monday night you can enjoy a great meal and my friend Jim Dougherty will direct you to the Men's room.

Patte's changed over the years going from a corner bar into a hangout for the local political elite.

I even ran into this guy on election eve in November 2010 at Patte's


Anonymous said...

Gort, you're back and doing a bang up job. See, it only takes a few weeks to get the cob webs out, the fingers limbered up and the imagination rolling. Love your blog.

Stephen Albert said...

"this guy" looks like he could be immigrant. Anyone know if he is here legally?

Forrest Gump said...

I don't know, but we should check his papers just to be safe.

Probably doesn't speak English either.