Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Michelle Bachman wins the Iowa straw poll

I know I'm late to this as I was on vacation.

My prediction that Lady Gaga fans would put him over the top did Tim Pawlenty in. Such a shame as he was the only Republican candidate in the field that I actually met. He seemed less crazy then the rest of them.

Ron Paul came in second but he is the Rodney Dangerfield of the race

Ron Paul Gets No Respect

Michelle Bachman was the winner

(pic via Froth Slosh B'Gosh)


Pope George Ringo said...

It's pretty clear that Mitt Romney probably had a celebratory drink when Rick Perry announced his candidacy. With the Perry factor in play, both the Texas Gov. and Minn. Congresswoman will split the Religious/far right neo con vote, more than likely giving Mitt the edge in South Carolina--a must win for any GOP nominee. Iowa will go to either Bachmann or Perry but New Hampshire will be ROmney's.
Plus Romney, love him or hate him, is a persistent fellow (see 2008) with lots of cash he is willing to spend. Given that, along with his prior experience seeking the nomination, he is most likely the GOP nominee.
As much as I hate to agree with Limbaugh, Bin Laden's death will have no impact on this upcoming general election. Americans vote their wallets in hard economic times. And, face it, Obama is not the greatest campaigner in a general election. There was only a slight lead for him in 2008 over McCain until the financial meltdown and McCains words over it nailed the Arizona Senator's coffin shut.
What will decide this election is whether Obama can convince the American people that he is in control of the situation. SO far, he is doing a terrible job of it.
Good news, he has time.
He would do well to study FDR. When FDR ran for reelection in 1936 the depression was far from over, things were not rosy, but FDR gave the impression that we were on our way. In other words, that he was in control of it.
Study Roosevelt, Mr. President and we will be spared Pres. ROmney.
God Bless All.
His Holiness.

Pope George Ringo said...

Post Script:
FDR didn't make "nicey nicey" with The Republicans in the congress---he continually maligned and degraded them---with vigor!!
Please Mr. President, stop turning the other cheek to those who hate you to the core. Kick them in the nuts and laugh about it.
At least then, if you lose, you can walk to that helicopter home with your head held high.

Anonymous said...

That photo of Michelle is hot. So hot that it really helped me out tonight:-0