Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inside baseball or is it blog-ball

After the all these years the Blogfather still slays me. He explains that he recently switched his ISP and has been busy posting a some YouTube videos. In fact a lot of YouTube so I left a comment "This Youtube access must be a new venture for you sir."

This had the desired effect and he responded with a post... let us not forget that I was the first local blogger to embed a YouTube video, as well as the first local blogger to embed a video featuring original content. While I may not give a hoot about being cutting-edge these days, remember, there was a time when most of you were playing catch-up. In fact, all of you were bringing up the electronic rear-guard.

Very true and I have always cited Mark as my inspiration to start blogging.

In the local blog-a-rama, what once was the ultimate in citizen activism has now morphed into being the endless pursuit of celebrity.

Just a few weeks ago he was praising our local bloggers foray into the traditional media.

NEPA Blogs: Worth the ether they are printed on

Somehow, Gort, Michele and D.B. Harold have built NEPA Blogs into a weekly television show. A brief television show, but a television show nonetheless.... Speaking of Gort, He and The Yonk once made an appearance on WILK’s Sunday morning Pennsylvania affairs show (the name escapes me) with Rusty Steele. And they were once both regulars on WILK’s election day coverage until one of it’s self-important hosts decided that bloggers that were invited to appear needed to be berated and belittled on the air.

The Yonk stills makes occasional appearances
on WILK, as well as appearing on Hazleton’s WYLN TV political shows.

Joe Valenti’s blog is mentioned every now and again on WILK, as well as in local print stories.

So what is it? Should we just bang away on our keyboards and be pure spurning any requests from local TV, radio and newspapers to comment on the issues of the day? Mark, you have been the subject of more print stories than any of us. Our otherwise excellent local political reporters have a bad habit of running to the local Captains Obvious college professors for a quote on an election which I think is lazy. Bloggers know what is going on in local races because we go to the events and talk to our neighbors. Reporters are pulled all over the place and college professors just spew the conventional wisdom. I was thrilled when the Yonk was quoted in this story.

Yes, I was recently on TV and maybe will be again. I don't think that is a bad thing as bloggers pay attention to what is going on and have a lifetime of experience to share.

But I also like YouTube especially Zappa

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D.B. Echo said...

Heh. I just picked up a copy of "Wreck the Halls," the second spinoff book by "Cake Wrecks" author and blogger Jen Yates, and I was thinking that the publication of a book based on a blog is the ultimate validation of that blog. But being on the radio, or TV, or in a newspaper or magazine because of your blog is pretty awesome, too. There really is no antagonism between the "old" and "new" media, not at that level. And, heck, every radio station, TV station, newspaper, magazine, even every book should have a blog.

I wish my spot on TV was leading to some sort of celebrity benefits. So far the most I've gotten are a few double-takes in the supermarket or Sam's Club, and a few comments by neighbors or people in church. Being on TV for 90 seconds every Tuesday at 4:30 isn't really the passkey to fame and fortune that you might think it is.