Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mike Carroll voted for the Congressional gerrymander

I'm surprised that there has not been more outrage over the new Congressional districts approved by the state legislature in the print and electronic media. But the reaction has been "so what, that's the way it is." Much like the national press accepting that every bill in the Senate needs 60 votes to pass without pointing out that the filibuster was rarely used in the past. The only people who are kicking up a fuss are bloggers.

Pittston State Rep Mike Carroll (D-118) voted for the new Congressional map joining 36 other Democrats in the PA legislature and 128 Republicans to approve it. I only met Carroll once at the 1st Blogfest so I don't know why he wants Republicans to win more elections to the US House of Representatives. Maybe he is looking to run for Congress in the future in the now Democratic friendly 17th CD when/if Tim Holden retires.

In the next election the 118th includes my little burgh of Plains Twp. and I'm open to helping a real Democratic primary challenger and if that fails maybe even a (shudder) Republican candidate. I'm not a one issue voter like the abortion hotheads or gun nuts but this vote betrays his party and the people of the the 11th Congressional District.

See NEPartisan for a Lackawanna County perspective

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Anonymous said...

That is a real shocker. I have to wonder what Carroll had to gain be turning his back on Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Gort, I am not sure a Republican can win the 118th. It is extremely democrat and unlike other parts of Luzerne County, it always votes democrat. There is one exception to this though. In the judicial primary in May, Attorney Joe Saporito finished 2nd or 3rd in Democrat voting in many of the 118th precincts. He has great recognition in that area and his last name doesn't hurt him in the greater pittston area.

Anonymous said...

Do I hear the beginning of a Saporito for State Representative campaign? I have to admit, being a life long Democrat, I would consider Joe S for the position but that will depend on what ever explanation Mike Carroll presents for his vote to condone the screwing we just received. Playing the game of switching horses and putting a Republican in Harrisburg at this time would be a good move. Right now we haven't a thing going for us and the 118th might very well miss the financial boat scheduled to leave Harrisburg on Jan. 1st.