Friday, December 02, 2011

Technical difficulties

Yesterday I received a message from my friend Wil Toole

Not sure if it is me, my puter or your site ....... there is brown background which prevents me from reading your postings.

The blog looked normal on my computer so I told him to check back later. I didn't make any changes to the template and haven't had to mess with the html code since the last blogger update so I thought it was a problem with his computer. I checked the blog on 2 other computers and it appeared fine. Then I got a few other messages saying the thing and I finally figured it out. It's a browser problem.


Gort42 looks fine on Internet Explorer 7 but is all messed up on Firefox. The last few months I've had the opposite problem with a few sites. Whenever I load NEPartisan and Oliver Willis with IE7 I get a pop up box that says the site is running a script and freezes my computer requiring me to do a restart but they both work fine when I open them with Firefox.

I'm not sure what the problem is but I will try deleting some recent links and pictures to see if it will solve the problem. So bear with me folks while I try to solve this problem instead of posting about a few of these stories.



No challengers yet for Luzerne County state legislators


Lou Barletta compra programa de la piedra de Rosetta para aprender espaƱol

Update: The culprit was Michelle's picture of President Obama I snagged from her flickr account.
I deleted it and everything is back to normal.



Anonymous said...

Working good again- And I use FireFox. No changes made on my side.......

Joe Valenti said...

Gort - I use firefox and have no problems
Joe V

Mean Old Man said...

Technical Difficulties? GOOD!!!
I haven't been this happy since the Gipper became President!!!
I hate you all!!!!!

D.B. Echo said...

I can see it OK now. I'm using IE8.