Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blogfest post game report

A big thank you to Gene Rooney and staff for the outstanding service as usual.

We walked by the pink bus with long lost blogger Zen to find Pope George Ringo and Forrest Gump had set up a forward observation post at the bar, their natural habitat. Harold and Michelle set up the NEPA Bloggers display. They do a great job promoting the event.

17th PA CD candidate Matt Cartwright came early to work the crowd and was there when Gene Stilp assembled his big Medicare wheelchair. I asked Matt if he had one, he replied "The dog ate it." He left before his opponent Laureen Cummings showed up. Her campaign Manager James O'Meara came early and stayed late.

Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith had a nice chat with his 2009 opponent Bob Morgan. Bob said he is not looking for a rematch in 2013 despite what Luzerne County Dem Chair Bob Boyer tells me.

A couple of candidates from outside Luzerne County came  because " I know that bloggers are now part of the political conversation and you guys are read by people in in my district."

10th CD candidate Phil Scollo with his campaign manager Will Sherry made it and  are running hard against Tom Marino. Who knows what will happen, that is why we have elections.. In 2006 no one gave Chris Carney a chance then Sherwood was exposed as  the Tunkhanock Strangler. 111th HD candidate Jeff Dalander has an uphill race against long time incumbent Sandra Major in Wyoming County. Good to see him.

My 2nd favorite back cracker turned radio loudmouth Dave Madeira charmed the crowd as did fellow blogger Betty of Pure Bunkem. Blogger Big Dan was there along with health blogger Karin.

The 120th HD candidates Phyllis Mundy and Aaron Kaufer worked worked their magic.  Lou Barletta was stuck in Washington but sent the lovely and talented Renita Fennick to represent him. Tom Marino was somewhere and sent no one.

State Rep Mike Carroll didn't like my baseball bat comments but he is a leader for reform of PA government. Take redistricting away from the politicians and campaign finance reform.

The Young Democrats and Young Republicans were out in force. Tom Shibula and Bob Zaruta are our future leaders that brought along a posse including Alex Milanes, Mike Szu and others.

116th HD candidate Ransom Young told me he wants to run a clean campaign. He was there with his wife and PR person Jana.Tarah Toohil was a no show and didn't send a surrogate. 

GOP Party stalwart Lynette Villano brought a few people.

I'm sure I have missed mentioning some people because there was so many.

 Professor Milburn Cleaver lurking in the shadow smoking a pipe. 

Bible Buck, Karla Porter, Bill Goldsworthy, Justin Vaculla, Angie Fanelli, Jane Waitikus, Bill Urbanski, Terri Stella and many more.

Let me know if  I left you out.

I'm not hotlinking this post because it would days to do it. Blogger is telling me that there are too many labels.

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Anonymous said...

What is a hotlinck?

Stephen Albert said...

Maybe it's an attractive Vietnamese woman?

Bill Vinsko said...

another great blogfest!
Thank you for the invite...