Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meet the candidate

Republican PA  17th Congressional District candidate Laureen Cummings has been an energizer bunny visiting all the counties of the district for every event she can attend.  She has hit all the GOP County picnics plus a bunch of other stuff. I ran into her at the Luzerne County GOP picnic. You can read about it on her campaign Facebook page with lots of pictures. She has attended Blogfest in the past and promises to be there again along with her campaign manager Jim O'Meara.

On Saturday she will be in Pittston Twp at Bar on Oak, 900 Oak St. 6-8PM. Detail at her website.

She is handing out this nifty card taking an subtle shot at her opponent. 

Democrat Matt Cartwright hasn't slacked off since the primary after knocking off Blue Dog Tim Holden. He has also been also been all over the place even introducing VP Joe Biden in York. Details and pictures at the Cartwright campaign  Facebook page. After serving as the Gort42 Special Correspondent at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte he went rolling down the Delaware River.

Congressional Candidate Matt Cartwright Campaigns on the Delaware


 Cartwright has a big shindig planed for Nay Aug Park in Scranton, September 29th starting at 1PM. Details on his website. 

He will be at many other places before then.  


Matt Cartwright, a candidate for the 17th Congressional District, will speak at Keystone College Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. in Evans Hall, Hibbard Campus Center.

Matt Cartwright also tells me he will be at Blogfest.

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how about a pic showing off her legs. if she has nice legs she gets my vote