Thursday, September 20, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. One of those quirky celebrations like Towel Day. 

The President got into the spirit.

White House Back-Story: The President And The Pirate

 Even Mitt Romney joined in the fun.


  Gosh, I think Talk Like A Pirate Day is a swell idea! It's a lighthearted reminder that the moochers who support President Obama are filling their "treasure chests" with taxpayer "pieces of eight"---that's the money they used back then, you see---and burying it on some deserted island, like the Cayman Islands which Ann and I love so dearly. And if we get four more years of big-spending liberal "plundering," it will surely "shiver our timbers." I think Obama should "walk the plank," my friends, for the reasons I've just described in some detail. But seriously, I love Pirate Land, ladies and gentlemen. The peg legs are the right height, lemme tell ya. Ten thousand dollar bet that Polly wants a cracker? Ten thousand dollar bet???



Anonymous said...

No time for Netanyahu?


Big Dan said...

Funny story: that picture is from 2009 and FOX "made up" that Obama met with a pirate instead of their leader Netanyahu:

Anonymous said...

Coolest photo ever. He'd win all 50 states if he punches a zombie in the face on Halloween.

Stand strong against the zombie apocalypse: Obama 2012.