Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wake up people! Their coming for us.

This is a guest post from former Pittston administrator Wil Toole:

The fact that many don't consider Social Security and Medicare as simply an entitlement but rather as life and death issues speaks volumes for what the American people see as necessities of life. It drives me nuts that working people actually defend the move by conservative Republicans to destroy these programs as we know them. They have actually taken on an effort to change the meaning of the word entitlement as we have always known it. To me, entitlement means that I earned and deserve something and I'm entitled to it. The Republican Conservatives have changed that definition to mean welfare for some other form of handout that we don't deserve or didn't work for. Entitlement means we earned it and don't let the representatives of the 1% tell you anything different.
The Republican PR spin on the Paul Ryan budget backed by Mitt Romney is designed to lull our country's seniors into accepting their plan because their selling point is that it does not affect anyone over age 55. That isn't a selling point, it is a prediction of life style destruction for our children and grandchildren.
Economist are telling us that our children and grandchildren will not live as well as we do and personally, I know people who could not survive without both programs and I want those to come after us to live a decent life. I don't understand how these go along working class conservative wannabe's don't scream about the cost of war or the cost of sending money to other countries in the form of foreign aide or the no bid military contracts but they want to take from us and give to others. What are they thinking?
As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, why can't we put us first and others second? Why should we suffer any loss in life sustaining programs? Wake up people, wake up before its too late. I heard Paul Ryan in a video saying he thinks Americans should have the same benefits and pay for the same benefits that Congress has. OK Mr Ryan but how about if you take a pay cut to that of the average American? Why are Congress members entitled to such large salaries? He has been on the taxpayer's ride for so long that he actually thinks that's how Americans live. Wake up people! Their coming for us.


Aggie95 said...

Ah yes we should help the poor ....well I agree ....
but .... here's the fly ....the hitch.... the worm in the apple as it were. At the link I posted on the bottom of the chart you will see 2010 spend ....what we spent on entitlements and what we brought in cold hard cash .....and what we borrowed ... some of you may be able to figure out the problem that that chart shows ....for those of you who can't a question ....if you spend nearly every dime you take it on entitlement programs what do you use to run the rest of governemnt

Anonymous said...

No one earns social security. It is a Ponzi scheme plain and simple.

As far as life sustaining. Who deemed it a requirement of one group of people to be responsible for another?

Social security is a bureaucracy. It employs the lazy to steal money from those who produce and gives it to those who do not. I would prefer to keep my money and spend it as I see fit while I am able. If I have planned poorly for the days in which I can no longer work, then that is my problem no one else's.

Anonymous said...

Life and death? Why is it that liberals require evolution to be taught, but not practiced? Natural selection is part of evolution.
Then again, Toole has been a leach his whole life and continues to be one. He was a glutton in public "service" and he is a glutton in retirement. More, more, more, just give him more so he can continue all sorts of expansion

Big Dan said...

If social security is a PONZI SCHEME, then it's a DAMN GOOD ponzi scheme and we should have MORE ponzi schemes like that.

CAPITALISM is one big giant PONZI SCHEME, wanna get rid of that, too?

Believe me: all you social security NAYSAYERS are always the first in line to collect your checks.

Why don't you, as a protest of social security, REFUSE YOUR CHECK? But you won't.

Remember life before Social Security? It was called THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

Big Dan said...

So all you anti social security BRAINIACS: what's your proposal on what to do with all the old people who can't work and THEN won't have any income from social security?

You DON'T have a plan, you're plan is THE GREAT DEPRESSION where old people starved to death.

So what is your plan for old people who can't work, after YOU get rid of their social security?

Got a plan? Post it here:

You just repeat Rush Limbaugh and rightwingnut radio, and don't even know what you're talking about, that's what it comes down to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Big Dan... I ended up on this page because I was tracking down a pinhead racist Aggie95 just left his skidmark on the WNEP comment page, but I'll get back to that later,
I've never ventured in this blogsphere before and after reading your comments I was sort of impressed that a 90 year old guy has a blog and still passionatte about the times he went through in the 1930's, and it's understandable that someone from that age still holds that view, in fact it's almost... quaint

But Big Dan isn't from the 30's, he's actually one of dem thare computer programmers... Sorry, my bad. Cause once I realized he wasn't from a differnt era, I assumed he was just a half-wit ignoramous spewing spewing incoherent and incongruus soundbites he heard ion MSNBC... like he's an Occupy Wall Street protester still waiting for his Keith Olberman interview... but I digress.

Anyway, to respond to your ummm... incogruous and incoherant come-back to aggie95(aka racist)...

I digress... sorry..
In response to your higbrowed retort :

"You DON'T have a plan, you're plan is THE GREAT DEPRESSION where old people starved to death."
wow.. ummm, I stand corrected, Big Dan knows History... mut have been dirty theiving in charge back then... phew... thanks again...I don't normally say this but....Big Dan... you're my hero.
... Ummm Dan.. Big Dan... since you filled us all in on the Great Depression, I'm going to send one right back at ya... comrad... surf off of or... the Pittston Pravda.. er, I mean Dispatch site (apologies to the Watson family.. I knew them .. well, dated one in HS.. they are or were honrable, charitable and.. had class.. and hard working and intelligent, Pittston's Kennedy's.. now their gone I think (someone correct me..) and so are the Lombardos (being sincere on both counts...not sarcastic)...

back to Dan... Big Dan, surf Google and figure out how much an average person pays into Social Security... compound it at 6% (again, not Gordan Gecco returns) and compare it to what the average person gets from thier Social Security 'checks'... now adays they are all automatic deposits.. like you get at yor computer programmer's job... Hey... Do computer Programmer's have to wear labcoats still .. like in the old movies?... take what you paid into the system, assuming you aren't living off the ad revenues from your weblog and ..

well, I'm sure a good socialist wouldn't work 'under the table' and not pay his share.. and he wouldn't be reaping the benefits of elected office like those chosen few in the Pittston Politburo... shhhh.. they are everywhere.. AND the party tentickles err.. apparatus has even infiltrated the School Board and Unions!?!?

MY POINT THIS... well..
My point is this:,259496

being that the boy knew the person who approached him, there is more to teh story than what is printed, but still... the role of politics is to keep people safe and systems fair to all... no matter what color or what their last name is...

Big dan.. unless you are still trying to get a job with the teachers union, get out and get a life... but.. "those who need political favors to get jobs do so cause they know that they can't compete in the real world".. and that is why they are so ... well, they sound like Big Dan.

Class of '84