Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Carolee will not go quietly into the night

To the surprise of no one former Prothonotary Carolee Medico Olenginski is threatening to sue Luzerne County because she was fired by county manager Bob Lawton for obstructing the transition of her office to the new records division mandated by the home rule charter. She got into a turf war with deputy Art Bobbouine and called Lawton a "dictator." That wasn't the only insult she hurled at Lawton.

Now she is threatening to sue claiming age discrimination and her lawyer claimed that Bobbouine stabbed her in the back. She opposed the charter and sued to try to keep her job. In the past she a problem with the carpeting in her office and took legal action about filing cabinets in her first stint as Prothonotary. I actually voted for Carolee in 2009 after Jill Moran proved to be such a disaster and the Dems nominated the wife of a corrupt WVW School Board member.

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There is a legal question about whether or not the County Manager can dismiss an elected official even if she continues to be paid. Does the the new charter trump the 3rd class county code? Carolee will probably take this to the Supreme Court. 

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