Wednesday, September 05, 2012

120th Debates

120th HD Republican candidate Aaron Kaufer thinks that the League of Women's Voters is not the best organization to host a debate between him and incumbent Phyllis Mundy because Phyllis was active in the organization many years ago.

Kingston, Pa. Aaron Kaufer recently read a response from Rep. Phyllis Mundy in the Times Leader and Citizen’s Voice accepting his challenge to a series of debates. Rep. Mundy offered to set up the debate through the League of Women Voters — an organization that Mundy formally resided over as president.
            Kaufer was pleased with the enthusiasm to hold a debate in the coming months, but felt it was inappropriate for the moderators to have ties with one of the participants.
            “While I’m confident that the League of Women Voters would hold an impartial debate, it is unfair for Rep. Mundy to suggest this as the only debate venue,” Kaufer said. “We need to hold multiple debates with various moderators to ensure a fair and informative series of debates.”
            Kaufer has suggested several impartial moderators such as the Chamber of Commerce or a local newspaper or television station. Aaron is also attending a candidate’s forum at Penn State Wilkes-Barre and is hoping Rep. Mundy would attend as well.
“If we are to get serious about having true impartial debates, we need to make sure the moderators are 100 percent objective,” Kaufer said.

Not to be picky but I had Phyllis' response first.

I think that Kaufer should agree to the traditional LWV forum and push for a real debate hosted by an impartial moderator. I nominate the Yonk, he is always fair and knows how to organize an event.

Aaron Kaufer is pictured with past losing 120th HD candidates. Bill James, Tim Mullen, Bill Goldsworthy and John Cordara

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Anonymous said...

Come on Aaron, just have the debate. The league isn't some fringe, never held a debate group. Maybe Phyllis can debate and empty chair; or have someone show up in a chicken suit.