Sunday, August 26, 2012

Luzerne County GOP picnic

David Freed

About 50 people attended the  Luzerne County Republican Party Pre-Convention Rally / BBQ at the family farm of Chairman Bill Urbanski in Mountaintop. Going down the road to place I was glad I drive an SUV with 4 wheel drive. Many candidates and staff are in Tampa for the convention like Lou Barletta and Aaron Kaufman. They should have sent a surrogate.

Bill said he promised a hurricane free picnic and he delivered. You have to hear him sing.
The only statewide candidate to make it was Attorney General hopeful David Freed who dismissed the naysayers who think Mitt Romney can't win Pennsylvania because there are more Romney signs in SW PA than Obama signs. Talking to rank and file I was surprised by the pessimism of winning the Presidential race and down right hostility to Mitt Romney. I won't name names. 

17th Congressional District candidate Laureen Cummings complained about Obamacare then told me that the NRCC polled the district and thinks she has a good chance of beating Matt Cartwright. 

State Rep Karen Boback bragged the she secured both nominations and asked for support. I hate uncontested elections, The back mountain Dems need to get their shit together and get a candidate in 2014.

I finally got to meet assistant deputy dog of some county department Art Bobbouine. Try to pronounce that  last name. My pal Jim O'Meara dragged Laureen off to another event, he is her campaign manager. A real pleasure was meeting Jason Fitzgerald of Penn Strategies. He helped Marino win in 1010 and is now working for Freed and other candidates.Lynette Villano was taking the money and selling the chances for the prizes as she always does. She told me of her frustrations with lone wolf Steve Urban (R to D)when she was county chair.  I think I saw Norton the Blogger lurking about but there wasn't a  VW  micro bus parked  or any sign of Buzz let alone a Univac 3000.

On my way out I told David Freed that I thought the AG's office would be in good hands whoever won. He said he felt the same way after the primary. He respects his opponent.

Where was everybody, the turnout was less than I expected. Speaking of low turnout Alex is having a Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech Watch Party. 

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Anonymous said...

I think they had just exactly who they wanted at the event and that they in fact didn't even invite most of the formerly active members of the county party

Bill said...

I think Anonymous is incorrect in his/her assumptions. The event was open to all elected officials, committee persons and supporters of the Republican Party. It was a public event and advertised as such in local papers and on-line. No individual invitations were sent.