Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Patrick Murphy is not going away

Former Congressman and recent PA Attorney General candidate Patrick Murphy was on MSNBC yesterday discussing the Catholic view of the election. I hope he makes it to Blogfest on September 21st

From the inbox:

 The message came across loud and clear - the nuns, priest and bishops all believe the Ryan/Romney budget is immoral. Reading from Archbishop Dolan's letter to Ryan about listening to the cries of the poor to refute the Bush-Cheney operative was priceless, there was no comeback. The three takeaways were: 1) As a social justice Catholic, the bible couldn't be more clear, "Whatever you do to the least of my people, you do onto me." Matthew, Chapter 25 2) Ryan/Romney budget guts Medicare and Medicaid by $2.8 Billion, and after kicking off 31 million Americans from Medicare and Medicaid, their plan amazingly turns around, not to pay off the debt, but spends $2.9 trillion for an additional $265K tax break for the wealthiest 1% 3) The tax rate under the only Catholic President, John F. Kennedy, was 70% -the tax rate under Reagan 5 of 8 yhanks for your help today. The feedback about Obama and the Catholic Vote on MSNBC hit has been fars was 50%, the rate under Clinton was 39% (the same rate Obama-Biden want it to return to) but Romney-Ryan want to cut it again to 25% and pay for it on the backs of our most
vulnerable is immoral

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Anonymous said...

This coming from the guy who voted for Obamacare (for which he was subsequently removed from office by the voters) which removed $700 Billion from Medicare.

A pro-abortion catholic claiming a pro-life catholic is immoral is pretty funny.