Thursday, August 16, 2012

PA Voter ID law upheld

Despite the Secretary of State stating that she didn't even know what is in the law and the Commonwealth couldn't cite just one example of in person voter fraud and hearing countless testimony of people who would be denied the right to vote a Republican judge denied a preliminary injunction to prevent it from being enforced in the upcoming election. It will be appealed to the PA Supreme Court which is now split 3-3 because Republican Joan Orie Melvin is awaiting trial.

So we are stuck with this law and the Democrats better get on the stick. I got an email from the PA Democratic Party Today's decision by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson clears the way for the Voter ID bill to take effect. This is not good news for Pennsylvania voters. The Voter ID bill passed by Harrisburg Republicans is an expensive and unnecessary piece of legislation. t's a solution without a problem....We already started an aggressive field plan to make sure PennsylIvanians have the IDs they need to vote in November. Then they asked for money.

Our local Democratic legislator's are quoted in Bill O'Boyle's story in the TL saying they are reaching out to constituents to educate them about the new requirements. Estimates are between 500,000 and 1 million people in Pennsylvania on the voter rolls don't have the proper identification. Getting an acceptable ID is not the easiest thing to do as PBPC documents. PennDOT is just not ready to do this!

The logical thing to do is to phase in the  implementation of the law like many other states, like Georgia,  did but that is not going to happen. 

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has put up a Website, Facebook and Twitter account to help comply with the new law which will sure help the people who can't afford the intertubes or are old enough not to care about it..

The new website has been designed by a  Romney fundraiser.


The only way to stop this madness is to elect Democrats to the State House and Senate so they can repeal this law. 

Now that that this non-existent  problem has been dealt with the Republicans in the legislature can deal with

Leash Laws for Unicorns



Anonymous said...

It is funny long before MADD, people wanted to pass laws to make drinking and driving a crime. The argument was that it doesn't cause any problems, so for years no laws were passed.
Just because you don't see something happening; doesn't mean it doesn't.
Just because we didn't see Bill Clinton's penis in Monica's mouth didn't mean it wasn't there.
What is unfair here. ID's are free and most state rep and state senate offices will send in the paper work.
Never mind I get it; how can the dems cheat if there is something in place to stop them.
Funny, you are more concerned with a few people who MAY not get to vote then making sure their is integrity in the process. Typical democrat.
I bet Bill Clinton wished he had gotten that blue dress.

Norton The Blogger said...

My head is still spinning. The mental gymnastics it takes to go from voter suppression and disenfranchisement to Monica Lewinsky is definitely Gold Medal stuff.

Those "few people" who could be disenfranchised may be over one million otherwise eligible voters, including almost 500,000 senior citizens and one third of the 6000 people in the Pennsylvania Voter Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

The Bill and Monica example was to demonstrate the inherent dishonesty and immorality of liberals.
So, it is not okay to require proof of who you are to vote? I love the senior citizen argument. How did they open a checking account to get their social security checks? They didn't have ID.
The reason dems don't want voter id, is so they can scam the system.
Should we stop requiring id for alcohol.
How about cigarettes?
Let's just do away with id for anything period, since our most important right and privilege is not worth protecting.
If someone is so disinterested in obtaining identification to make sure that the process can't be defrauded, I say the hell with them.
Are you telling me no one could have arranged assistance in getting an ID in the last 6 months?
Yet, on election day, rides can be arranged to get these same people to the polls. Even the ones from the cemetery, but then again, that is the point now isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Ends justify the means as long as the modern day Kennedy keeps Magic Mitt out of the White House.

Big Dan said...

Keep in mind, up to one million LEGAL voters were stripped of their right to vote by BIG GOVERNMENT REPUBLICANS, the second the bill was signed by Governor Corbett. It was voted on party lines, all the Pa. Republicans voted for it.

Definition of TREASON: politicians/government using their power to strip citizens of their Constitutional rights. I think this is TREASON.

For those of you who say "they can get a ride for ID", blah blah...that is not the point, and you know it.

So, on a WHIM, with no voter fraud problems, government officials can strip LEGAL voters, up to a million, of their Constitutional right to vote...and IDIOTS say, "get a ride for id" and "i need ID to buy a beer"??? That's you're answer for Kings & Queens stripping citizens of their Constitutional rights on a WHIM? "get a ride"??? Or "I need ID for a beer"?

You are the same people who are screaming about "big government" trying to control guns, but that's different.

You are the same people who will say, "You shouldn't care about getting an RFID chip, if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be worried about it."

EVERYONE should ALWAYS be worried when citizens' rights are stripped by government, and LUNKHEADS should be called out for making asinine statements like "get a ride for some ID", "buy a beer", and asinine statements like that, directly from Rush Limbaugh and rightwing radio.

Let's have photo ID for FREE SPEECH and all the other Constitutional rights! Or is it just the Constitutional right to vote, because it suits your purposes??? It's "big government", too, and you're the same people whining and crying about "big government"...I guess except when it's "your guys" who are the "big government".

"get a ride for id", "buy a beer"...nice, logical replies to having LEGAL Constitutional rights STRIPPED from a million people by politicians.

Treason, is what I call it, by definition above.