Friday, August 24, 2012

Leave the family out of it

Political campaigns can get down and dirty between the the candidates but I have always taken the position that spouses, children and other family members are off limits as long as they don't inject themselves into the campaign.

On Sunday I received a press release from 116th State Rep candidate Ransom Young (D) implying that Tarah Toohil's parents were behind on the property taxes on their home that she lives in. Yes I'm a partisan Democrat but I declined to post it because I thought it was an unfair attack. Toohil's parents are not running for office and I didn't know why they were behind in their tax payments. After the crash of the economy in 2008 many people are having trouble paying property taxes.  You can read the release on Ransom's Facebook page dated 8/20/12.

Times Leader reporter Matt Hughes explains that the  problem is with a couple of vacant lots and they have paid the taxes owed.

Tarah is rightfully pissed off: “I demand that Mr. Young cease and desist from telling lies about my parents,” Toohil said in a statement. “A public apology to my mother and father is in order. My mother and father are good people and they are not part of the public eye.”

Young doubles down:
“When you’re an adult living with your parents you step up and help out your parents in a time of need,” he said. “… I have nothing to gain by them not paying their taxes. The only thing I have to gain as a township supervisor is having more money for the township and the school district having more money to pay their expenses.”


Anonymous said...

This guy is the lowest of the low. What a complete asshole.
He's right he has nothing to gain with this attack, but he will lose a lot of votes. You can attack a candidate, but once you go after family it exposes one's true nature, a true scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I checked all the candidates records on the LuzCo Tax Claim website. Looks like the only candidate in trouble is Rick Arnold. He is almost $20K behind on his property taxes. Get it together Rick or expect Harrisburg to come down hard on you again. Or worse, you are going to lose your house AND your race.

Anonymous said...

Representative Toohil cannot have it both ways. Two years ago she ran the most negative campaign in our area in about 50 years. Including calling her opponent "a chicken" with a corresponding chicken suit to match. She also had billboards posted with her oppenent's head being flushed down a toilet bowl.

The point here is that Toohil voter herself a massive pay increase (the raise alone would have wiped out about 60% of the back taxes). Furthermore, this is HER residence. Eventhough it is listed in her parent's names. She does not pay property taxes of her own!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really anon 2:46; That is the most asinine thing I have ever read. If I ever even offered to help my parents financially, they would have taken it as the greatest insult.
This is not a campaign issue, this is just a bunch of low life, NEPA Heynas, who have nothing else to go after in Miss Toohill. She has record as a rep, but this asshole as no comments on that? Only on her parents. Which, he could be held liable for, if they chose to go after him and I hope the do!

Anonymous said... have got to be kidding!! A non-campaign issue??? that a State Representative is not paying taxes?!

Anonymous said...

What part of not her property dont you get? Another fucking heyna moron.

Anonymous said...

This fat ass should worry about some self discipline himself. Push away the plate. I'd say push away from the table, but his gut won't let him get that close, probably sets his plate atop it.

Does his obvious lack of control and concern for his own health have anything to do with this election? More than the parents financials of the incumbent.

Big Dan said...

Tohill was a sponsor of the invasive government mandated vaginal THAT is a campaign issue:

Gov Tom Corbett's expert medical advice to Pennslyvania Women: JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES