Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney throws a Hail o' Ryan

It looks like Mitt Romney has done the impossible by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate. Many Republicans and Democrats alike are thrilled with the choice.  Republicans have wanted to destroy Social Security and Medicare since the inception of the programs and Ryan has had the balls to put it in writing sacrificing them on the alter of ever bigger tax cuts despite the fact that taxes are lower as a share of GDP since 1950. It's not about balancing the budget as his famous plan doesn't do that for a generation.

I think Romney has decided that this will be turnout election and picked the person that will most excite the Republican base because many of the true believers just don't trust the guy. Romney has always impressed me as the worst sort of politician, someone that doesn't want to do something but be somebody. When he ran for office in Massachusetts he was a liberal on the hot button social issues then repudiated those positions when he ran for President in 2008. 

The Democrats are running a hardball campaign  this time out and have had Romney on the defensive over Bain Capitol and his tax returns among other issues. He needed to change the narrative and did so by picking a running mate early but that won't last.  I give it a week for the glow to wear off.

After all you don't vote for Vice President.


Anonymous said...

" After all you don't vote for Vice President. "

That is the truth. How many times did Biden run for the big chair, only to be rebuffed by his own party; time after time after time.

Stephen Albert said...

Paul Ryan has a tragic flaw for a politician: he actually says what he means. On one had I admire that in the guy...he wants to cut entitlement programs and puts in it writing. On the other hand what he actually says some of the time...including the magical "lower the deficit by cutting taxes"...sometimes borders on the ridiculous. Newsflash: there is more evidence to support global warming than there is to support the validity of the Laffer Curve.

Look on the bright side though: he, unlike the last GOP Vice President candidate, is actually smarter than a fifth grader.

2012 GOP Slogan: "Vote for the Middle-aged White Guys!".

Anonymous said...

RE: STeve: Romney is an old man. Only two years younger than Reagan when he ran in 1980.

Stephen Albert said...

Anonymous 5:52am...I checked, and Mittens was born in 1947, making him 65 years old. Saint Ronnie was born in 1911, meaning that he was 69 when he ran for office in 1980. That's a difference of 4 years. Close enough.

Revised GOP Slogan: "Vote for the older white guys!".

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to watch who brings up race first.