Sunday, August 26, 2012

Young appologizes to the Toohil's

Sort of.

“It is no secret that I am upset over the cuts in educational funding that have been a part of the budgets for which Representative Toohil has voted,” Young wrote. “…When I read the notice about unpaid school taxes, with the knowledge that Ms. Toohil not only lives with her parents, but also uses their property to manage her campaign, I became even more upset. I could not understand how an adult child would allow her parents to become delinquent over such an important issue.
“In my response to what I perceived as yet another slap in the face to the education of our children, I inadvertently, and with sincere regret, allowed Mr. & Mrs. Toohil to be caught in the middle. I will continue to fight for our children’s education, and no doubt will cause Ms. Toohil some discomfort with the facts; however, I regret that anything I may have said was perceived as a personal attack on Peter and Barbara.

He should have just said he was sorry for such a boneheaded move and left it at that. Instead he issues another attack.

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