Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Libertarian says Mitt not fit to serve


Wilkes-Barre, PA—Lou Jasikoff, former Chair for the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party, blasted today’s challenge brought by the establishment Pennsylvania Republican Party to keep Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson from appearing on the November ballot as patently un-American. “Every registered Republican in the state of Pennsylvania should hang their head in shame over their party leadership’s actions,” Jasikoff commented. “We have men and women fighting and dying all over the world in the name of democracy and yet it is easier for an Independent to get on the ballot in Russia or Iraq than right here in Pennsylvania. The American public is sick and tired of these same old political games. For the Republican Party to trample the very cornerstone of our democracy is an affront to our military, our Constitution, and every fair minded voter,” said Jasikoff. Jasikoff continued, “I call on all Independents, Tea Partiers, and conservative talk show hosts to halt all support for Pennsylvania Republican candidates until they publicly denounce the PAGOP's most recent actions. Forget the Health Care Bill, balanced budgets, or deficit fights, what does it matter if the candidates you are supporting cannot decry the most basic of all rights which is the ability to appear on the ballot and for voters to have a choice.” “The Republican Party is already attempting to suppress the voter turnout in Pennsylvania, and now they want to make sure they do not have to compete in the arena of ideas as well. We cannot allow the PAGOP to use the courts and dirty tricks from keeping Libertarians from appearing on the November ballot,” added Jasikoff. Jasikoff concluded, “I call on Mitt Romney himself to show some backbone and exhibit that he really stands for the Constitution, the military, and freedom of voter choice, not by what he says, but by the actions he takes. If he does not step up and denounce this this cowardly action taken by the PAGOP then he himself is complicit with such actions and is not fit to serve in public office.

Libertarian Candidate makes the PA US Senate race

 Meet Rayburn Smith, a retired postal worker from Clarion County who is running as a libertarian. He collected enough signatures to appear on the November Pennsylvania ballot, although they are being challenged by the state Republican Party.

I have invited both Mr. Smith's to Blogfest.


John DiLiberto said...
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John DiLiberto said...

Right on, Lou. rMoney is a completely manufactured candidate, propelled into his presumptive nominee status through fraud. Libertarian-minded Ron Paul is the organic GOP presidential nominee, which will became apparent at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in a couple of weeks.