Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Coup d'état tentée en Forty Fort

Forty Fort official hurls accusations at council president

 Chacke remains Forty Fort head

People who live there tell me that Forty Fort is a nice place to live but like most small towns it has financial pressures. It is still waiting for Wilkinson to forward the half million dollars it collected in the borough's name that has resulted in curtailing overtime and the council will forgo their paychecks until they get the money. Former councilman  Andy Tuzinski raised a stink over $50 and Mayor Boyd Hoats broke a tie to keep Chacke as council president then again cast the tie breaking vote to eliminate the short sighted idea of cancelling the agreement with Kingston to provide joint fire and ambulance services. Then Tuzinski attacked what Chacke does for a living. 

Joe has impressed me over the years as a common sense Republican. A rare commodity these days. He ran for State Rep in 2006 in 2006 but came up short. When the  Barletta immigrant fervor was sweeping the area he was a cooler head when some idiot proposed a similar law and an English only ordinance.

A solution in search of a problem

I make the argument all the time, what are we here for? We're not elected to Council to debate illegal immigration, we're here to address the real local issues like police & fire protection, road paving, snow plowing, zoning, etc

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