Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blogfest is a good time

A very big Thank You to the staff of The Red Mill for the outstanding service they provided to the 8th semiannual Blogfest. Our glasses were always filled and the food was great.

The bloggers and candidates filled up the place early and then the regular Friday night crowd rolled in. In 35+  years if politics I saw something tonight that only happens every once in a very while. A  young lady not connected to any of us wandered into our scrum and started talking to the various candidates. She told me that she had never voted before but will this time because she liked a few of the candidates.She had plenty of candidates to choose from.

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Controller candidate Carolee Medico Olenginsk (R) was the first in the door and bought pizza for the crowd. The question I kept getting is "where is Walter?" Former Controller Walter Griffith was always one of the first to arrive and the last to leave at our last events. I can't say I'm shocked he skipped this one. Dem nominee for Controller Michelle Bednar arrived later and charmed the crowd.

Most of the Luzerne County Council candidates attended. Eileen Sorokas (D) has been to everything  and Rick is a lot of fun. The Accountability Ticket of Mike Giamber, Renee Taffera  and Kick Heffron arrived together. Republican candidates Paul Defabo and Sue Rossi and Independent Rick Williams are all working hard to get votes and Blogfest was a natural stop.

Bob Morgan represented Cong. Matt Cartwright who has made every Blogfest since he got into the public spotlight. Cong. Lou Barletta did not send a surrogate as he usually does. They are both stuck in Washington dealing with the latest  manufactured crises.  

State  Rep Mike Carroll knows his back yard but the Mayor didn't make it.. 

Phyllis Mundy  was awol. I just might have to vote for Mike in the next election.

Alex Milanes lost his last election and is shopping around for an opportunity to lose another. Bible Buck and Duke from Dallas made it an official event.

The DJ race is the hottest thing in Pittston politics this year. Both hopefuls stopped by tonight and I like both of them. Jerry Macadon and
Alex Kokura have run great campaigns that tell you about their experience but have not ripped into each other.

Fellow bloggers Joe V, Michelle and Harold  helped organize the event and long lost blogger Zen made it as did the Yonk.  County GOP Vice-Chair Lynette Villano and 2032 Presidential hopeful John Lombardo had a good time. Former W. Pittston Mayor and the Governors local point man Bill Goldsworthy kept his consecutive string of appearances alive. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great time. I had every intention of going to my very first blogfest, but then another blogger implied the Mill was a dive, so I didn't want to take any chances.
From the pics it seems like a nice place. Why would another blogger make such an inference?
Hopefully, will atttend in thefuture.

Anonymous said...

Good to see all the pictures and people that attended. Carolee is a great choice for Controller as Michelle Bednar is being put in place by the powerful money and political machine.